Mad Max Turkey Brine

Mad Max Turkey Brine

Created from our ever-popular Mad Max Turkey seasoning


Mad Max Turkey Seasoning

Move over, butter: The real Thanksgiving flavor has arrived


Savory, sweet, and spicy seasoning

Spicy Pineapple Head

All-in-one sweet and heat for grilled fruit perfection

8oz shaker bottle of Wonder Bird poultry seasoning

Wonder Bird Poultry Seasoning

Herby, spicy, garlicky sweetness to dress up your chicken

Limited Release Mole Chile & Cacao seasoning

Molé Seasoning

Flavors of chocolate and Mexico, all cuddled up


All Purpose BBQ Rub

Dizzy Dust

Our original, award-winning spice rub, from our kitchen to yours

Pork Butt Rub

Dizzy Dust Coarse

The tougher rub for longer-cooking meats

Spicy Dizzy Dust 8oz shaker bottle

Spicy Dizzy Dust

A kick of heat with a dose of goodwill

Beef Seasoning

Cow Lick

The peppery taste your steak’s been looking for

Salmon Seasoning

Raging River

The sweet and spicy rub to satisfy any seafood lover

Asian Seasoning

Tsunami Spin

A world-class and unbeatably unique poultry and seafood seasoning

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Jamaican Firewalk

The easy, dry jerk seasoning you’ve been searching for

Swamp Venom

Step back, copperheads: True venom has arrived

Coffee Rub

Red Eye Express

Bring faraway lands into your kitchen with mystical, earthy flavors

Steak Seasoning

Raising the Steaks

Ante up with this delicious Montreal-inspired barbecue rub

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Shakin’ the Tree

Orchard-fresh barbecue flavor, perfect for chicken, seafood and veggies

Savory Sweet Seasoning

Pineapple Head

All-in-one sweet and heat for grilled fruit perfection

Game On!

Complement the flavors of game without long marinades

Happy Nancy

The sweet and mild solution to gentle taste buds

Southern Style BBQ Seasoning


Authenticity in our rub, authenticity in your kitchen

IPA Hop Seasoning

Innovative hoppy flavors perfect for beer-drinkers and non alike

Salt Free BBQ Seasoning

Salt-Free Dizzy Dust

Salt-free flavors to please any palate


Salt-Free Raging River

Delicious salt-free seasoning for salmon, pork, chicken and more


Fajita-ish Mexican Seasoning


The flavors of Mexican fare without the billion ingredients

Bombay Curry-ish

The tastes of India delivered to your very own kitchen

Mediterranean Seasoning


Al fresco dining has never been so chic

Blackening Seasoning


The flavors and blackening power of Louisiana cooking

Peruvian-ish 8oz shaker bottle


Dress Up Your Cooking with a Taste of the Andes

Dizzy Pig Original Sampler

The complete line of sample-sized Original Blend flavors


Seasoning line-up

Pick Four

Make like a connoisseur and choose la crème de la crème

Seasoning line-up

Pick Seven

It’s time to enter Seventh Heaven, Dizzy Pig style

The Works – Original

The original Dizzy Pig spice rub experience, at your fingertips