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Brightly-flavored citrussy blend.


First Ever Hop-Infused Seasoning

In 2015, Dizzy Pig broke into uncharted territory and developed the first ever seasoning blend to take advantage of the flavorful world of hops! Hops impart flavor characteristics such as citrus, pine, fruit, herb and flower notes to beer and ale, but oddly enough, are usually overlooked when it comes to flavoring food.

Hops, like spices, add layers of richness to cooking. Though our IPA seasoning is not just for craft beer connoisseurs, our first release of this unique seasoning proved to be a big hit among those who love craft microbrews, and hop-heads everywhere.

It turns out that whether you love beer, BBQ, or both, then IPA is for you.

Cooking with Hops

Hops are the female flower of the hop plant, and they’ve been used in beer making since the around 1000AD. They not only add a pleasant bitterness and flavor to beer, but they also have natural anti-bacterial properties that help keep beers and ales fresh for longer periods of time.

The worldwide craft beer revolution is going strong, and there have never been as many varieties of hops available. Every year there are new hybrids that tout flavor notes from strawberry to grapefruit to a robust piney flavor. It is quite an exciting time for hops, and for our latest creation, we took full advantage of the wide variety available to us. Our friends at DuClaw Brewing and Chris worked together with a number of hops before discovering the perfect variety to take this blend to new heights.

Good News, IPA is here to stay.

Our limited release IPA is long gone, but the impact of the first ever hop-infused seasoning was significant.
We regularly get calls from our customers begging us to bring this tasty concoction back, and since we aim to please, IPA is now part of our original line of seasonings with unlimited availability and a lower cost!


This citrusy seasoning blend is brightly flavored, and we’ve found it to work best on chicken, seafood and veggies. It’s amazing on potatoes, and our customers have loved it on beef steaks and burgers too. As with most Dizzy Pig seasonings, the entire range of possibilities is yet to be discovered, and we eagerly await our foodie fans’ recipe shares and innovations.

  • Demerara sugar
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Chiles
  • Lime peel
  • Lemon peel
  • Hops

Dizzy Pig products are ALL NATURAL and contain:

  • NO wheat gluten
  • NO MSG
  • NO peanuts or tree nuts


IPA™ contains none of the top ten listed allergens. Contains chiles, onion and garlic (which some folks have sensitivities to.)

Our rubs are all natural, gluten free and contain no MSG.

For your convenience, here is our nutritional panels, as they appear on our 8 oz. shakers.


Customer Reviews

Superb, balance, subtle (when needed)

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As others have echoed, this is a very versatile seasoning. I use it on Pork Belly (cooked low and slow) as well as pan seared or grilled steaks, chicken etc. It can be intense or mild and that's a big benefit of its composition. One of my biggest gripes about some seasoning is that it can often be too salty so that you can't really use enough of it on delicate meats to aid in building a crust. Not so with this seasoning. It was built to please and certainly carries a wonderful bouquet. No matter what you are cooking, you can find a use for it. Unique enough to not be easily recognized by fellow BBQ'ers, but in the zone enough flavor-wise to be readily used on any creative endevour, I happily give this 5 out of 5 stars. Pricey, but worth it. My biggest hope is that they make it again. Currently on bottle 3030/5000 - I have a few more sitting in my cupboards 🙂


5 5 1
Like Peter's review, this stuff was fantastic. I used it on everything, including fish. This stuff was also great on roasted veggies. I'm pretty sad that it's sold out. I was going to buy a few more.

the everything (almost) rub

5 5 1
I passionately urge Dizzy Pig to make the IPA rub a full and equal part of their seasonings family. I found it to one of their most versatile rubs, equally at home on the skin of olive oil rolled baked potatoes, a wide variety of red meats, as well as skinless and skinned chicken. I ran out before I got a chance to try it on fish. Please bring back this most useful rub.

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