Dizzy Pig's tips to great hamburgers

Dizzy Pig’s Tips for Great Hamburgers

Hamburgers are delicious, especially when done right. There’s a reason they are one of the most popular foods to cook on the grill. Not all hamburgers …

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Big Green Egg with blue smoke venting

Dizzy Tips: Using Smoke as a Spice

It is hard to describe my excitement when I got my first smoker, a Big Green Egg, 20 years ago. A big step up from my …

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Gravy boat

Five Tips to Perfect Gravy

Max’s Tips for Perfect Gravy Gravy plays a big part in our Thanksgiving meals. To make the perfect gravy, follow these great tips from “Mad” Max …

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Stuffed Loin Pic

Dizzy Tips: Getting the Most Out of Dizzy Pig Seasonings

When you spend your hard-earned money on carefully blended seasonings, the taste of your food should exceed your expectations. But it doesn’t always happen that way. …

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Competition Chicken

Dizzy Tips: Building Layers of Flavors

Have you ever made a dish that smelled great but, when you sink your teeth into it, left you thinking it could be more exciting? Maybe …

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Dizzy Tips – Get Spun in the Kitchen!

Here at Dizzy Pig, and with many of our faithful fans, barbecue season goes all year long. But winter weather and the short days drive even …

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Dizzy Tips: The Sear is Near, Cast Iron Cooking

We’ve covered a bunch of cool topics in our Dizzy Tips articles, and it’s been fun sharing what we have learned over the dozen or so …

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sizzy steak

Dizzy Tips: Summer Grilling

Quick seared meats can be just as tasty and have just as much depth of flavor as low-n-slow smoker classics. Whether you own a charcoal or …

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Dizzy Tips: Creating a ‘Signature’ Dish

In last month’s newsletter I discussed ideas for refining a recipe and taking it from the initial ‘idea’ stage through to its ‘best’ finished version.

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Dizzy Tips: Persistence Pays Off

Any reader of this newsletter that also competes on the professional cooking competition circuit knows the importance of persistence in refining a recipe to meet your, …

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