Dizzy Pig Featured on Kimberly’s Simply Southern

Kimberly Schlapman, founding member of country music’s Little Big Town, has her own cooking show on Great American Country with a unique approach. While the band tours the country, she seeks out local unique culinary treasures and highlights it in her show. She then returns to her kitchen at home (usually with a fellow country music star or celebrity) to whip up some recipes that are inspired by her visits.

For this episode, called Spice it Up,  country music superstar Wynonna Judd assists Kimberly back in the kitchen. And it’s pretty wild what they whipped up!

Al Roker Productions, the producer of  Kimberly’s SImply Southern, could not have been more fun, creative, and overall a joy to work with! They arrived early on a brisk November morning and set up, as the Dizzy Pig participants got ready for a barbecue throwdown. Kimberly arrived shortly thereafter and what ensues makes for good TV, including some secret ingredients like duck and parsnips!


Watch the opening segment of the show to see some familiar Dizzy Pig faces with Little Big Town star Kimberly Schlapman! We’ve put together the Dizzy Pig recipes that Chris, Joellen, Brian and Brian made on the show. Enjoy!

Recipes from the show:

The Dizzy Pig Way

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