Dizzy Pig Gift Box 4

Gift Box 4

No occasion is too small for this perfect culinary gift.


Nothing says “You love food and I love you” quite like a gift box full of delicious spices. Now your gift recipients can put a delectable rub on anything and everything they can think of, from chicken to pork, beef to fish, veggies to – heck – grilled fruit and dessert. Because why shouldn’t every course and every part of the food pyramid be as delicious as any other? We say, there’s no reason at all, and our gift boxes make culinary creativity more possible than ever before.

Each collection includes four shaker bottles of dry rub, a variety of samples of our other flavors, a Dizzy Pig lapel pin and a sticker, all beautifully packaged in a colorful, eye-catching and sturdy box. Chuck it under your holiday tree, present it on a birthday, or give it to someone you love just cuz. As in “just cuz they rule” or “just cuz you like their cooking” or “just cuz you forgot that One Really Important Thing and now you’re in major trouble.” It’s an equal opportunity gift set, and you’ll find it does the trick just beautifully.

Go for the Original Classics mix, which is the perfect introduction to our spice rub line. Or you can opt for the Bold & Spicy set, for those that love a burning tongue. Have a worldly cook? Select Regional Fusion, which collects flavors from all over the world. A perfect house warming gift, Father’s Day present or Thanksgiving contribution, this Gift Box will give back all year round!

Please note, our Gift Box 4 is not customizable. For customization, see our Pick 4 and Pick 7 discounted multi-packs.