Dizzy Pig Gift Box 4

Gift Box 4

Choose from three collections: Original Classics, Bold & Spicy, and Regional Fusion.

Packaged in a colorful, eye-catching and sturdy box are 3 great choices for your favorite cook. Each collection includes 4 shaker bottles, a variety of samples of our other flavors, a Dizzy Pig lapel pin and sticker. A perfect house warming gift, fathers day or holiday present, this Gift Box will give back year round!

Why should I get it?

Cooks and foodies agree, Dizzy Pig is the way to go! Giving the gift of Dizzy Pig is the perfect way to share our amazing flavors with the cooks in your life!

What else should I know?

Please note, our Gift Box 4 is not customizable. For customization, see our Pick 4 and Pick 7 discounted multi-packs.

The Original Classics Collection includes the following:

  • Dizzy Dust, our original rub, perfect for everything and anything that goes on a grill!
  • Cow Lick, our spicy beef rub, great on steaks and briskets, the perfect mix-in for meat loafs and burgers. It’s also our secret weapon when it comes to scrambled eggs and fresh tomato slices!
  • Raging River, our maple sugar rub is ideal for salmon, but also terrific on ribs and pork shoulder. It’s a sweet rub that will transform your food!
  • Pineapple Head, a sweet rub with a little heat, cinnamon and some earthy chilies and other savory notes. Our customers go gaga putting it on fruit, sweet potatoes, veggies, ham and even chicken and seafood.

Plus, several samples of other Dizzy Pig products, a lapel pin and sticker.

The Bold & Spicy Collection includes the following:

  • Jamaican Firewalk, based loosely on the island tradition of “jerk”, Jamaican Firewalk touts a hefty dose of ginger, habanero chilies, and Jamaican allspice berries.
  • Swamp Venom, a deep South inspired concoction with influences from Georgia to Texas and is made for those that like a ton of flavor and a good spicy hot kick!
  • Red Eye Express, a rich blend that offers a parade of flavors and aromas. An exciting blend of herbs and chiles is rounded out with the malty flavor of fresh ground coffee. A true work of art.
  • Raising the Steaks, based loosely on the popular “Montreal Style” seasoning. Dizzy Pig’s Raising the Steaks turns the original on its head with fresh ground seasonings. Amazing on beef, but quite versatile.

Plus, several samples of other Dizzy Pig products, a lapel pin and sticker.

The Regional Fusion Collection includes the following:

  • Fajita-ish, captures the south-of-the-border flavor profile perfectly! An all-natural, fresh approach that nullifies taco seasonings.
  • Bayou-ish, the ultimate blackening seasoning, and it’s all you need for great flavor sizzling in a cast iron pan. Great for searing fish, seafood, chicken, ‘gator, beef, pork or veggies.
  • Mediterranean-ish, captures the exotic and enticing aromas and flavors of Italy and Greece for your next cooking adventure.
  • Bombay Curry-ish, is far from typical. This tasty curry-inspired blend is quite versatile and both bright and earthy. Whether you are a curry fan or not it’s delicious.

Plus, several samples of other Dizzy Pig products, a lapel pin and sticker.