The Complete Works

The Works – Complete

Want to experiment? Love it all? We’ve got you covered


The Works – Complete has it all. No more picking and choosing and hoping you land on a flavor you love. While we like to believe that all our rubs here at Dizzy Pig are excellent, we’ll let you be the judge by putting every single option within reach. So make your own call, then let us know your favorite! Or, like many Dizzy Pig fans, you may find you like having them all on hand, since all our spices have such different flavor profiles. Whatever your approach, having a fully stocked pantry gives you the power to be creative.

We also offer free shipping, so you don’t have to let anything stand in the way of experiencing Dizzy Pig’s complete line of mouth-watering, taste bud-satisfying, culinarily exceptional spices. Order today and start impressing tomorrow. (salt-free blends not included.)