Wings 3-Pack

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Are you ready to take your wings game to the next level?

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Wings are popular all year and are always a crowd pleaser. Our Dizzy Pig Wings 3-pack is the trifecta of chicken wing perfection.

  • Are you looking for savory and herby?   Wonder Bird is the one for you.
  • Looking for a kick?   Tsunami Spin will transport you to faraway lands, with its exotic flavors, mild heat and a hint of sweetness. Your guests will wonder how it is so good.
  • Or, how about a jerk seasoning  that is bold and flavorful but also balances and smooth? Jamaican Firewalk is your jam! It pairs will with a cold beer – trust us!

Whether you prefer your wings with a bold and spicy kick or a sweet and tangy twist, Dizzy Pig has got you covered.

So why settle for ordinary chicken wings when you can have the best of the best with Dizzy Pig’s pack of amazing seasoning blends?

The Dizzy Pig Way

Natural, gluten-free, handmade, in USA, made fresh daily, low sodium