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Say goodbye to bland holiday meals with the seasoning of the season. Bring that down-home “roasty” flavor to your kitchen or grill.

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In 2016 we decided to do a little something different, and called up our friend “Mad Max” Rosen, who just loves to help people nail the perfect turkey recipe. This guy is so devoted, he even kept his phone line open on Thanksgiving to field questions about America’s beloved November bird. Max asked Chris to concoct a turkey seasoning that smells like his kitchen on Thanksgiving, and Chris responded with enthusiasm. He concocted a delicious spice rub for a limited-time run of 5,000 bottles, which we then promptly ran out of. Ever since, fans have been clamoring to have it back. Now it’s available year-round!

Give holiday meals the kick they need, jazz up your gravy and stuffing, and celebrate in style with the most wonderful turkey seasoning of the year. This year is the year you cook that perfect Thanksgiving turkey, so don’t wait. But don’t worry: If you don’t use it all on your birds, you can add it to chicken and pork all year round.


  • Mild Heat Level
  • Tastes Like the Holidays
  • Balanced Sage, Herbs and Garlic
  • Traditional and Unique at the Same Time

Our Favorite On:

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Pork
  • Chicken


  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Chicken

Product Label

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  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Demerara sugar
  • Lemon peel
Our wholesome seasonings are:

All natural
NO wheat gluten
NO peanuts or tree nuts

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Mad Max Turkey Seasoning™ contains none of the top ten listed allergens. Contains garlic (which some folks have sensitivities to.)

6 reviews for Mad Max Turkey Seasoning

  1. Fantastic Turkey

    Chuck Conkling

    Used Mad Max’s recipe and smoked two turkeys for Thanksgiving. My instructions for the Christmas turkeys were”Do it again! Don’t change anything!”

  2. Wow!


    After being stuck on my old chicken tickler rub i decided to trust Dizzy Pig since i love everything else they have. Mad Max was a Huge hit everyone loved it and til now i didn’t think i could like anything more on turkey I’ll have another please!

  3. Sooo wonderful

    Stacie Bodish

    I’ve done mad max turkey for three years, always to the rave of guests. Last year, I used the shaker, and my guests liked it even better!!!

  4. Excited for Holiday Series release

    Sean Maguire

    My guests LOVED Mad Max Turkey held so much at 2016 Thanksgiving dinner that I ordered two more shakers at Christmas time so that could repeat the magic for 2017 Thanksgiving before the blend disappeared. It is nice to know that I can continue to use this amazing blend for years to come on my smoked turkeys.

  5. Mad Max Turkey rub--wonderful!

    Jeff Mittelman

    The new turkey rub was a huge hit! Not only was the aroma fantastic, the taste was even better. After the turkey was cooked, my family was “battling” over the turkey skin–that has never happened before. (As the carver, I got the best samples and had to keep the rest away wielding the carving knife! ) They said it was the best turkey I have ever made–the rub was clearly part of that success. I used the rub on a turkey to be fried–I injected it and rubbed it the day before cooking it. I will be trying the rub with other poultry recipes. I think you said it might also be good on pork. It is clear why this new rub is selling so well. Thanks. Jeff

  6. Sous vide

    Tom Morris

    Big Winner! First I sous vide’d it…did chicken breasts with skin on and rib meat seasoned generously with Mad Max Turkey Seasoning. In sous vide for 2 hours then on the Egg to finish and crisp the skin. Out-friggin-standing! Can’t wait to use it on the Thanksgiving Turkey.

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