Mad Max Turkey Brine
Mad Max Turkey brine quart-sized bottle

Mad Max Turkey Brine

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Created from our ever-popular Mad Max Turkey seasoning

Mad Max Turkey Recipes

When you submerge a cut of meat in a brine solution, you are infusing flavors and moisture deep into the meat. We at Dizzy Pig are huge fans of the technique of brining lean foods before cooking. We believe that if you brine once, you’ll become as enthusiastic about it as we are!

Since 2016, our classic holiday seasoning Mad Max Turkey has been a favorite among Dizzy Pig customers. This brine mix superbly complements the flavor of the seasoning and is the perfect concoction of herbs, sage, salt and garlic with the addition of citrus and bay leaves. Make a new holiday tradition this year and brine your turkey with our new Max Max Turkey and Poultry Brine.

This quart-sized bottle holds roughly 36-oz of delicious brine mix. It is enough to make 3 gallons of brine for up to a 30-pound turkey, or three 1-gallon batches for multiple birds.

  • Mild heat level
  • Tastes like the holidays
  • Balanced sage, herbs and garlic
  • Traditional
Our Favorite On
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Poultry

Customer Reviews

Read Bobs review above!

5 5 1
I’ve been smoking turkey on BGE for 12 years...always made my own brine...this one hit it out of the Bob’s review above...ditto! Tried to buy more brine mix today for Xmas turkey and it’s sold out ☹️. Plz let me know when it is back in stock ASAP!


5 5 1
I'M MAD! (You didn't invent this sooner!) I'm 57 years old and used the Mad Max Turkey and Poultry Brine Mix on Thanksgiving, and was told this is the BEST turkey my family and friends have EVER had! It's so great to have all your brine ingredients in one mix! It can't be easier! The turkey was moist and perfectly seasoned throughout the bird! I also used the Mad Max rub and could not be happier! Dizzy Pig, you have a winner with this brine mix! Customers, you can't go wrong with Mad Max Turkey and Poultry Brine Mix! A+ 10/10

Juiciest turkey

5 5 1
Easy to use. Smelled great. Tasted better. Juiciest turkey breast I have had

Can't wait!

5 5 1
I just bought a big green egg and have been chosen to prepare this year’s turkey for Thanksgiving. I decided to do a dry run and so I used the brine and was not disappointed at all. The turkey was so tasty and the white meat was so moist! I also used the turkey rub from Mad Max! I can’t wait to another turkey!

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