Try-Me Sampler 5-Pack

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It’s never been easier to try our seasonings


Sometimes it’s difficult to make choices, and that’s the reason we create these sampler packs. To make it easy for you to give our craft seasonings a spin.There are 7 Flavor combinations to choose from. Each assortment is geared towards the way you may like to cook — from barbecue, veggies, food from around the world, to bold & spicy.

These sample packs are $10 straight to your door, no shipping whatsoever (US addresses only). So give our flavors a spin and see for yourself why our customers keep coming back for more.

Why Dizzy Pig Craft Seasonings are better

Dizzy Pig seasonings are wholesome, clean, fresh, tasty and proven. We’ve been producing small-batch craft seasonings since 2002, and have built a loyal following of cooks that insist on Dizzy Pig flavor for their hard-earned food.

Let’s Make Great Food Together!

Most Popular Pack
There’s a reason these blends are our best-sellers. They have been proven over and over again, and are staples for thousands of cooks.
Spicy/Robust Pack
For taste buds that crave a little more oomph, this pack contains our blends that pack the most heat and flavor.
Regional Pack
For cooks that often venture across borders, these blends bring home familiar international flavor profiles with that special Dizzy Pig touch.
“BBQ & Pork Pack
Featuring the seasonings that won the Dizzy Pig Competition Team 15 grand championships, there is something for whatever is going on your grill/smoker.
“Beef & Game Pack
For fans of red meat, this pack offers tasty and diverse flavors that elevate anything from burgers to venison backstrap, and everything in between.
“Poultry & Seafood Pack
For chicken and other mild meats like seafood that require delicious flavoring without overpowering the natural taste, these blends are perfect.
“Veggie Pack
For those that are cooking more plant-based foods, these blends complement and enhance the natural flavors of veggies.

What's in each pack?

Most Popular
Cow Lick Dizzy Dust Pineapple Head Raging River Tsunami Spin
Jamaican Firewalk Red Eye Express Spicy Dizzy Dust Spicy Pineapple Head Swamp Venom
Bayou-ish Bombay-Curry-ish Fajita-ish Mediterranean-ish Peruvian-ish
BBQ & Pork
Cow Lick Crossroads Dizzy Dust Pineapple Head Raging River
Beef & Game
Cow Lick Fajita-ish Game On! Raising the Steaks Red Eye Express
Poultry & Seafood
Peruvian-ish Raging River Shakin’ the Tree Tsunami Spin Wonder Bird
Happy Nancy Mediterranean-ish Raising the Steaks Shakin’ the Tree Tsunami Spin

Quick reference to the flavors in these sampler packs

  • Bayou-ish, a blend of spicy, pungent Cajun flavors
  • Bombay Curry-ish, deeply flavored like the best curry
  • Cow Lick, the beef-tastic and peppery rub for all things bovine
  • Crossroads, the Dizzy Pig favorite for down-home southern barbecue
  • Dizzy Dust, the all-purpose rub that anchors our Dizzy Pig line-up
  • Fajita-ish, with a south-of-the-border twist
  • Game On! complement the flavors of game without long marinades
  • Happy Nancy, beloved by kids and adults, bright flavors and mellow sweetness
  • Jamaican Firewalk, the easy, dry jerk seasoning you’ve been searching for
  • Mediterranean-ish, evocative of old world cooking
  • Peruvian-ish, delicious blend of earthy, fruity, tangy and clean flavors
  • Pineapple Head, the go-to seasoning for sweet pork and delectable grilled fruit
  • Raging River, our ever-popular, sweet and savory rub for salmon and more
  • Raising the Steaks, ante up with this delicious Montreal-inspired barbecue rub
  • Red Eye Express, the coffee rub that other coffee rubs are jealous of
  • Shakin’ the Tree, brighten any dish with infusions of lemon peel and coriander
  • Spicy Dizzy Dust, a kick of heat with a dose of goodwill (benefits Willing Warrior)
  • Spicy Pineapple Head, sweet with a kick of heat for those who love things spicy
  • Swamp Venom, for lasting heat and robust flavor, Swamp Venom’s your guy
  • Tsunami Spin, a blend of Mid and Far Eastern influences to set your taste buds awhirl
  • Wonder Bird, herby, spicy, garlicky sweetness to dress up your chicken

The Dizzy Pig Way

Natural, gluten-free, handmade, in USA, made fresh daily, low sodium