Food Hacks & Tricks using Dizzy Pig Seasonings

Dizzy Pig enhances almost anything that hits your tongue.

We’ve got tons of recipes to keep you busy, but our Hack section inspires. Our friends and customers tell us when they dizzcover a use that might be uncommon, simple and effective, or, just surprisingly good.

Enjoy our Dizzy Hacks.

Random ways of using our seasonings that you may have not thought about.

Caitlyn holding Pineapple Head pig candy


  • Add Dizzy Dust to jalapeño poppers
  • Pineapple Head makes an addictive and irresistible pig candy (candied bacon), with Raging River a close second
  • Roll Bisquick sausage balls in Dizzy Dust before baking
  • Mix Pineapple Head with cream cheese, crushed pineapple and top with chopped pecans for a tasty spread
  • Mix Bombay Curry-ish onto hummus for a great bump in flavor (see our Curry-ish Hummus recipe)
  • Roast chickpeas and season with Bombay Curry-ish or Mediterranean-ish
Caitlyn holding Pineapple Head pig candy


  • Mix Mediterranean-ish with olive oil and vinegar for a quick and delicious Italian salad dressing (see our Italian Vinaigrette recipe)
  • Mix Dizzy Dust with melted butter and brush onto biscuits
  • Use Raging River to season pan/oven-roasted potatoes
  • Season rice with Tsunami Spin, Swamp Venom (see recipe for Cajun Dirty Rice), or Peruvian-ish (see our Yellow Rice recipe)
  • Red Eye Express is the bomb on mini red skin potatoes
  • Add Pineapple Head to hush puppy batter
  • Mix Game On! into gravy for biscuits & gravy
  • Press Tsunami Spin into homemade naan bread before cooking
  • Use Raising the Steaks as garlic bread seasoning
  • Add Happy Nancy to a box of cornbread mix and call it your “specialty”
  • Add Bombay Curry-ish to potato salad
  • Mix Pineapple Head into fruit salad
  • Use Mediterranean-ish in pasta salad


  • Sprinkle Tsunami Spin on mushrooms before or after cooking (see our Grilled Mushroom recipe)
  • Veggies stir-fry tastes great when seasoned with Raising the Steaks and Shakin’ the Tree (see our Wok Veggies recipe)
  • Season your broccoli casserole and steamed veggies with Shakin’ the Tree
  • Pineapple Head is great on cooked carrots, fall vegetables (e.g. sweet potatoes, butternut squash), or fried plantains
  • Use Pineapple Head on grilled asparagus for a sweet and spicy taste.
  • Sprinkle Red Eye Express onto roasted butternut squash
  • Spray sweet potatoes with Duck Fat Spray and toss with Pineapple Head before roasting
  • Spray potatoes wedges with Duck Fat Spray and toss with Crossroads before roasting


  • Cow Lick is the perfect beef chili seasoning
  • Use Fajita-ish on a brisket for making brisket chili
  • Notch up the spice level of a pot of chili with Swamp Venom or Ghost seasoning
  • Mix Spicy Dizzy Dust with melted butter & breadcrumbs and use as topping for baked mac & cheese
  • Mix Cow Lick with Fajita-ish for a tasty pork tenderloin
  • Use Jamaican Firewalk or Swamp Venom as a dry rub for sweet and spicy chicken wings
  • Many of our seasonings are fantastic on burgers – we’re fans of Cow Lick, Red Eye Express, and Bayou-ish
  • Put Raising the Steaks on any sort of fish for a rich, intense flavor
  • Use Shakin’ the Tree or Tsunami Spin as seasoning in ‘dredging’ flour (for chicken, catfish, etc.) (see our recipe for Panko Chicken)
  • Rub chicken wings in Pineapple Head, then toss in sweet Thai chili sauce
  • Throw some Game On! into your favorite stew recipe
  • Sprinkle Mediterranean-ish on pizza before and/or after cooking
  • Use Bayou-ish to make authentic Louisiana-style etouffee
  • The combination of flavors in Bayou-ish is superb on pork chops
  • Mix Raging River, Bombay Curry-ish, Tsunami Spin, Red Eye Express, Happy Nancy, or Shakin’ the Tree into tuna & chicken salad

Breakfast & Brunch

  • Elevate the humble breakfast eggs with any of our seasonings – Cow Lick, Happy Nancy, Fajita-ish, Red Eye Express, etc.
  • Make your bacon in a pan in the oven and sprinkle Swamp Venom over it before cooking
  • Use 2 tablespoons of Mediterranean-ish per pound of ground pork for great sausage (add some extra salt, and use sugar or maple syrup if you want a sweeter sausage)


  • Red Eye Express is really good on a chocolate donut!
  • Roll your creamsicle in Pineapple Head
  • Sprinkle Pineapple Head onto your favorite ice cream, particularly a good vanilla or dark chocolate

Use with Drinks & Cocktails

Sauce & Dips

  • Mix IPA with sour cream and horseradish for an amazing sauce to serve with beef! (see our Maryland Pit Beef with Creamy Hopradish Sauce recipe)
  • Shakin’ the Tree and Mediterranean-ish goes perfect with, and totally jazzes up, tomato sauce
  • Mix Fajita-ish with mayo for homemade spicy mayo, or Bayou-ish for homemade cajun mayo
  • Mix Peruvian-ish into sour cream to top off baked potatoes
  • Add about a tablespoon of Tsunami Spin to a 16-oz container of sour cream for a quick and delicious veggie dip
  • Sprinkle Mediterranean-ish or Raising the Steaks into olive oil for a delicious bread dip

Use as a Condiment

  • Keep a salt cellar or grinder of Cow Lick on your table and use instead of salt and pepper
  • Use any seasoning blend to make compound butter
  • Sprinkle Cow Lick onto fresh sliced tomatoes – it’s even more amazing on homegrown tomatoes
  • Sprinkle Salt-Free Dizzy Dust into a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips and give it a shake, better than bbq chips!
  • Jazz up popcorn with a sprinkle of any of our seasonings, such as Dizzy Dust or Crossroads for a barbecue flavor and Pineapple Head for sweet and salty
  • Sprinkle Tsunami Spin or Shakin’ the Tree over a bowl of ramen
  • Sprinkle Raging River directly onto store bought lox

Seasoning Tricks

  • Use Fajita-ish in place of taco seasoning mix, no MSG
  • Use Mediterranean-ish instead of Italian or Greek seasoning
  • Use Salt-Free Dizzy Dust or Salt-Free Raging River when brining to keep your salt level down
  • Combine multiple Dizzy Pig seasonings together for a different flavor profile – e.g. mix Jamaican Firewalk with Raging River to spice up the sweeter rub

The Dizzy Pig Way

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