Fusion Blends 5-pack

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Sugar-free flavors from around the world, right in your cupboard

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Sugar-free seasonings specifically designed for applying to food before high temperature grilling and pan searing, Dizzy Pig’s “Ish” series is a popular way to broaden your horizons and heighten your culinary experience. Whether you’re craving the flavors of Greece and Italy, Bombay, Mexico, Peru or the Gulf Coast, you’ll get all in this five-pack.

We offer free shipping (to US only) on this item, so bringing the flavors of the world to your dining room table, grill or outdoor kitchen has never been easier. Don’t wait to order your own 5-pack of our “Ish” flavors and learn how delicious life can be.


  • Fajita-ish complements any Mexican dish perfectly. Packed with spices, chilies and herbs, this blend nails that south-of-the-border flavor profile every time.
  • Bombay-Curry-ish is the new take on classic Indian curry, striking an impressive balance between exotic, fragrant and hot.
  • Mediterranean-ish has the herby, garlicky goodness we’ve come to expect from Italian and Greek cuisine.
  • Bayou-ish captures the flavors and blackening power of Louisiana cooking.
  • Peruvian-ish is a pleasantly warm seasoning that brings the earthy, fruity, tangy flavors of classic Andean cooking to your kitchen!

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