Raging River Salmon Seasoning

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May be the best thing ever made for salmon, but salmon is only the tip of the iceberg. Truly all-purpose seasoning for all taste buds.

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Raging River was created when a hunt for the perfect salmon seasoning turned up nothing, and we decided to step in and fill that void. Our customers (lots of them!) agree that Raging River may just be the world’s best seasoning blend when it comes to salmon, and our recipe for Maple Butter Glazed Grilled Salmon is now famous.

With a mild heat level and flavors of maple sugar, black and green peppercorns and an array of mouthwatering herbs, this salmon seasoning works surprisingly well for pork and poultry too. Think pork chops, pork shoulder, pork ribs and pork loin. It’s even become the rub of choice for the Dizzy Pig Competition Team for use on pork, and has won a ton of awards for other pro BBQ teams that use it. That’s not all, though: As our most versatile seasoning, we also love it on veggies, seafood and more. Think of it as your desert island seasoning … the one you’d choose if you could have nothing else. It’s available in salt-free now, too, so don’t hold back!

This best-seller is also available in salt-free.


  • Mild Heat Level
  • Maple Roundness
  • Slightly Tangy
  • Very Well Balanced
  • Mildly Citrussy and Herby

Our Favorite On:

  • Salmon
  • Pork Ribs
  • Pulled Pork
  • Chicken
  • Pork Loin
  • Pork Chops
  • Fish
  • Shrimp


  • Turkey
  • Sausage
  • Dips
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables

Product Label

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For your convenience, here is our nutritional panel, as it appears on our 8 oz. shaker.

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  • Spices
  • Demerara s ugar
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • Maple sugar
  • Onion
  • Garlic
Our wholesome seasonings are:

All natural
NO wheat gluten
NO peanuts or tree nuts

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Raging River™ contains none of the top ten listed allergens. Contains chiles, onion and garlic (which some folks have sensitivities to.)

16 reviews for Raging River Salmon Seasoning

  1. Good all around rub


    Works great on seafood, chicken, and veggies. Especially good on salmon

  2. Raging River Aromatherapy


    Hi Chris, Boss Lady and I have been unable to use our BGE for the last two months because Colorado is under an indefinite fire ban. We’re going crazy. Anyway, I packed a generous amount of Raging River on a whole chicken and set it in the refrigerator overnight. Last night we roasted it in our convection oven @ 375 degrees until internal temperature was 165 degrees. About 15 minutes into the cook, there began to be an amazing aroma coming from the kitchen. It was an “OMG, is it done yet” moment! Other than using Swamp Venom on scrambled eggs, this was the first time we have used Dizzy Pig rubs inside our home. WOW. Just WOW! Thank-you for your great products, Jim and Rebecca

  3. Dizzy Gourmet


    It’s nice seeing that similar seasonings to the big green egg line of dizzy Gourmet seasonings are available still. When I found out the dizzy pig seasonings would no longer be sold by big green egg, I immediately came to this website to find out if I still had similar options and was pleased, though I wish they had lemon and orange peel in this seasoning like they did with Kodiak river. Still, it’s the quality I got used to that I’m glad I don’t have to give up.

  4. For food allergy customers

    Shana Maddox

    My husband was so excited to come home from the hardware store with this Dizzy Pig rub. Of course my first question was if it was safe for our son and he proudly told me to turn the bottle over. I then checked out your website FAQ. AMAZING!! You guys have truly Gone about and beyond for the food allergy customers and it is SO appreciated. Absolutely our new go to bbq rub brand and I can’t wait to go order so many other flavors!! Thank you!

  5. Love Raging River on ribs

    Jeroen Geurtsen

    I love Raging River on rubs and it’s a shame that I can only buy (in the Netherlands) in 8oz which most of the time have issues with the expiration date, although that is more a formality. It pairs perfect with my recipe that is, and I’m not even going to try to sound humble, the best you will ever taste.

  6. Amazing


    This is my favor Dizzy Pig rub. I use it all the time on salmon. I also started using it on shrimp. Everyone who I serve it to wants to know what it is!

  7. This is my "go to" for all grilling

    Rolf Taylor

    I can’t say enough good things about this blend. My favorite of all the Dizzy products I have tried. I find it more subtle, and better balanced, than the others – not as peppery. Tsunami Spin is my second favorite product, for the same reason, If you want to impress your guests, serve them chicken breasts or pork chops with Raging River. Or Salmon, of course! Be sure to sear properly – it took me years before I found out that a proper grill capable of searing at 450-550 degrees (F) is key to good grilling. Use Maple, Apple, or Pecan, chips to complete the flavor profile. Very good on beef as well, particularly on cuts that have more flavor (e.g good on NY Strip, but a bit weak on flavor on Ribeye) Enjoy! I know you will!

  8. All-purpose

    Anson Burtch

    Many products try and claim they are “good for everything” but Raging River might be the only one that lives up to the test. I first purchased this product to use on my grilled salmon and it was delicious. The family immediately said “keep using that, whatever it is!” Then, due to running out of rub, I tried it on a pork butt going into the smoker. The results were fantastic, such a great flavor. This encouraged me to keep experimenting. Now I add it to my turkey burgers and it works especially well on grilled pork loin. Having tried most everything Dizzy Pig offers, I can confidently say, this is my favorite rub of theirs and the one I keep coming back to. Might have to get the gallon size next time!

  9. Super omelets

    Bill, North Carolina

    I tried your Raging River Rub Saturday morning on omelets. It was super…. I put about 1/2-3/4 tsp in the eggs and milk when I whipped them up. Then when they were cooking, I sprinkled a light coating on them… WOW…. 

  10. Salmon salad

    Ed Solomon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    I used the Salmon rub on a whole side filet and just baked it, wrapped in aluminum foil, in the oven. It was fantastic. But even better, tonight I used the leftovers to make a cold salmon salad. I added only some mayonnaise and it was so good. I have also used the curry rub to make a chicken salad and it was spectacular.

  11. Christmas ham


    A light to medium coat of Raging River on the Christmas ham which was injected with maple and sitting on 1/2 can of concentrated orange juice turned out to be one of the best hams in 4 years. I was going to toss those drippings but the combination of the OJ, RR and Maple was something else.

  12. If you HATE salmon

    Mickey Salado, Texas

    Let me start with I HATE SALMON! Now I love salmon with the Raging River Maple/Butter Crusted Salmon. You have to try it even if like me you HATE salmon. This was out of this world good. An I guess good for me.

  13. Never on fish nights

    David E. Shaw, Jr

    Used Raging River on some cat fish. We have all struggled to get fish into our diets, everyone had seconds and wanted to know why we didn’t make more. That has never happened on fish night before! My family and I are eating together very often and they are bringing friends.

  14. Best salmon ever

    Don Marvin

    Here in the Northwest (Seattle) we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of fresh salmon. This time of year we’re able to buy the coveted “Copper River” salmon that’s flown in daily from Alaska. I cook on a Grill Dome ceramic cooker which imparts a mild smoky flavor and keeps the fish very moist. I’ve resisted putting anything more than a little lemon on the fish because the flavor is superb by itself. I received the sample pack and was hesitant to try anything new. I threw caution to the wind and tried your Raging River Rub on a filet of fresh Copper River Salmon. Everyone at the table proclaimed that it was the best salmon they had ever eaten. That’s quite a complement when you consider that we’ve all been eating fresh salmon for over 40 years.

  15. Am a believer

    Mark A. Hamelberg Delaware, Ohio

    Didn’t know what to expect when I first ordered in September, but I am a believer now. I bought a new Weber Smoker, bought Dizzy Pig rubs and with a freezer full of beef, pork and over 100 lbs. of tuna caught off the Outer Banks this past August, started smoking. You would not believe how good Tuna rubbed with Raging River rub and smoked for two hours can be. Any tuna left over makes excellent Tuna Salad.

  16. Exceptional results

    Kim Youngblood

    Wow. I am extremely satisfied with your Raging River rub. I have used it liberally on beef and especially on some boneless pork backs. The results were exceptional and I can attribute the improvement to your rub.

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