Pineapple Head Savory Sweet Seasoning

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A sweet and savory rub made for fruits of all persuasion, but scrumptious on an assortment of foods.

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Inspired by a grilled pineapple recipe that leaned heavily on cloves and cinnamon, we whipped up this perfectly savory sweet seasoning to complement the more tropical side of life. With a little more heat and savory flavor than the original recipe, our sweet tropical rub becomes the ideal complement to anything sunshine-y and seabreeze-y. Think bacon, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and ham. Not to mention fruit salad, pineapple and grilled peaches.

Originally intended for grilling fruit, cooks devoted to Dizzy Pig are finding more and more uses as the days go by. Kettle corn and seafood, sausage and vanilla ice cream, even. There’s no limit to the spicy goodness this rub imparts to all the finer things in life. Order up a batch for yourself and find out why our customers rave about this rub, and what makes it one of our most popular blends today.

Also available in a Spicy version.


  • Our Sweetest Blend
  • Lightly Savory
  • Light Backdrop of Cinnamon and Allspice
  • Little Bit of Heat

Our Favorite On:

  • Pineapple
  • Pumpkin
  • Fruit
  • Desserts
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Bacon


  • Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Sausage
  • Desserts
  • Kettle Popcorn
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Product Label

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  • Demerara sugar
  • Spices
  • Chiles
  • Lemon Peel
  • Salt
Our wholesome seasonings are:

All natural
NO wheat gluten
NO peanuts or tree nuts

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Pineapple Head™ contains none of the top ten listed allergens. Contains chiles and citrus (which some folks have sensitivities to.)[/su_column][/su_row]

16 reviews for Pineapple Head Savory Sweet Seasoning

  1. Tried on Salmon-Outstanding

    Mitch Tarr (verified owner)

    Looking to try something new, tried this on Salmon, planked on the Traeger at 350. My wife is still raving about it. Have only used on pineapple in the past to great reviews but it is now a standard on salmon as well. Can’t wait to try the spicy version!

  2. Saved the ribs!


    I thought I had enough ingredients for my standard rub. But I was going to come up short! Couldn’t let everyone down on the 4th. So I grabbed my Pineapple Head and dumped it all in. The compliments came rolling in. One person commented, “These ribs have a twist of the island”. Really saved my bacon. It will be a staple rub for ribs going forward!

  3. Great on roasted brussel sprouts


    After trimming up the brussel sprout, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pineapple head seasoning before roasting them. Makes a wonderful side dish.

  4. so good

    Chris and Britt

    This rub is amazing! I would recommend it being used as seasonal rub, has a big cinnamon taste, would be amazing on a ham!! Our second favorite flavor besides the original dizzy dust!!! Very good flavor, kids love it!! Will buy more but use more towards the fall!!

  5. OMG Amazing

    Mike Gibbons

    Add this to the meat mix for burgers and also sprinkle on top and it is life changing!

  6. Excellent


    Outstanding on a wide variety of foods! A couple of my favorites are grilled/smoked fresh asparagus and grilled ham steaks.

  7. Awesome on stuffed Jalapeños


    This is awesome on stuffed Jalapeños.

  8. Bacon candy

    Colin Buckley

    Pineapple head is incredible on bacon, wow. Also excellent on grilled fruit. Looking forward to experimenting more with this one!

  9. With pumpkin oatmeal

    Stan Bellotti

    One of my favorite things in the fall is mixing a little pumpkin with brown sugar to my oatmeal…I added a little pineapple head to that, it was outstanding.

  10. Deer jerky!!!!

    Christine D

    Had decided to make a new twist to my jerky this year i wanted to try something crazy!!! Well i got out my seasoning and Pineapple Head fell out out of the shelf … So i thought why not so i added about 1/2 a bottle of the seasoning to 2lbs of ground deer with some other seasoning . AND all i got to say is WOW everyone loves it it has a very great lasting pineapple taste!

  11. Fun to experiment

    Trey and Stephanie deJong, Andrews AFB, MD

    We used the Pineapple Rub on our pumpkins seeds this year then we baked them… they were so good! It’s so fun to experiment with your rubs to see what they can go with.

  12. Best Cordon Bleu


    I cut pockets in some chix breasts. Stuffed with ham and cheese. In the flour, of the breading process, I added pineapple head. Also in the breading itself. Wow! What a great flavor! The best cordon bleu I’ve made!

  13. One word... Yummy!


    I lightly sprinkled it (and could’ve gone heavier) on pork chops. What flavor. My wife really likes it as it doesn’t have the “spicyness” of traditional rubs. I grilled the chops on my egg with couple of chunks of apple wood and the taste was extraordinary.

  14. Pineapple Head on seafood


    Used Pineapple Head on skewers of fresh sea scallops and shrimp both wrapped in bacon and onions, peppers and pineapple. Grilled then finished with a peach BBQ sauce. WOW!!! Now on to a terriaki pork loin. 

  15. Pineapple Head popcorn

    Anna G

    Pineapple Head on popcorn. If you haven’t tried this, you need to. Aww Lawd, it was good…

  16. On ice cream


    I tried dizzy pineapple head in in a dish of vanilla ice ceam. I can’t believe how good it is in ice cream.

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