Your BBQ is a perfect place to prepare fruits such as pineapples, peaches and plums. Whether you skewer your produce, throw them in a basket or cook right on the grill (or in a pan), you need a rub that can complement them.


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  • Happy Nancy 8oz shaker
    Happy Nancy loose spices

    Happy Nancy Pepper & Chile-Free Mild Seasoning

  • Pineapple Head 8oz shaker
    Pineapple Head loose spices

    Pineapple Head Savory Sweet Seasoning

  • 8oz shaker bottle of Spicy Pineapple Head
    Spicy Pineapple Head loose spices

    Spicy Pineapple Head

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When the Dizzy Pig's not grinding and bottling seasonings, we're cooking up in the test kitchen, at home, at demos, in Dizzcovery classes, on the competition trail and any whereabouts we find heat and things to eat. Get inspired!