Drink Winter Holidays

Smack Yo Mama Mimosa

By Tamara Germanowski

Mimosas are as simple as juice plus champagne, and this apple cider mimosa is a wonderful way to welcome fall. Tamara made several batches of this tasty apple cider mimosa at DizzyFest 15, and we couldn’t help coming back for seconds, and thirds.

Celebrate the holidays in style with the simplicity of this Smack Yo Mama Mimosa.


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In a 1:1 ratio:

  • Fresh apple cider
  • Brut champagne

For Dipping



  1. In a pitcher, combine fresh apple cider with Brut champagne and stir well
  2. Pour caramel onto a small rimmed plate
  3. On a separate plate, pour the Pineapple Head and raw sugar and mix together


  1. Flip your cup upside down and cover the rim in caramel
  2. Place the caramel rim in the Pineapple Head & sugar mixture, and twist the cup until the rim is completely covered in sugar
  3. Once sugar-coated, fill the cup with champagne mimosa