Below you’ll find a nice little compendium of our favorite recipes from the Dizzy Pig’s own cookbook as well as those shared by friends.

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DrBBQ’s Red Eye Old Fashioned

DrBBQ, Drink, Red Eye Express

DrBBQ’s Red Eye Old-Fashioned

By Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ Read More

Smack Yo Mama Apple Cider Mimosa

Drink, Pineapple Head, Winter Holidays

Smack Yo Mama Mimosa

By Tamara Germanowski Read More

Hard Cherry Lemonade

Drink, Spicy Pineapple Head

Hard Cherry Lemonade

By Bobby Lozano & Heather Anzallo Read More

Shakin' Mary - our Bloody Mary

Breakfast & Brunch, Drink, Gatherings, Shakin' the Tree

Shakin’ Mary

By Bobby Lozano Read More

Vodka Sunrise

Drink, Pineapple Head

Vodka Sunrise

By Bobby Lozano & Heather Anzallo Read More

Game On! Bloody Mary

Drink, Game On!, Gatherings, Valentine's Day

Game On! Bloody Mary

By Bill Fricker Read More