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Let's talk about ginger root


The Amazing & Mighty Ginger

Part of cold weather cooking includes working in Superfoods that keep us healthy and nourish us to stay well. Ginger is a big player here. Read More

Garlic, turmeric, star anise are superfood spices


Healthy food can be delicious too: How Dizzy Pig uses Superfoods to spice things up!

Using superfood spices is an easy way to not only make food taste better but also get the health benefits we have all learned are vital. Read More

Top 10 chiles in Dizzy Pig seasonings


Dizzy Pig Chiles – A Celebration of Peppers

It sure is getting warm around here! The recent seasonal release of Ghost has us… Read More

Feature story behind development of Tsunami Spin seasoning


The Story Behind Tsunami Spin

As much as you love summer grilling, by August the idea bank is pretty much on overdraft. Tsunami Spin boosts you back up with an amazing, nowhere-else currency of flavor! Read More

Dizzy Pig staff's favorite seasonings


Dizzy Pig Staff’s Favorite Seasonings

Here's a fun infographic of which Dizzy Pig seasonings are our staff's favorites, and their best go-to recipe to use with that spice. Read More

About Dizzy Dust infographic


About Dizzy Dust: Our Flagship Barbecue Rub

Even the most succulent meat needs a pick-me-up now and again. When you use Dizzy Dust All-Purpose Barbecue Seasoning, your culinary delights will soar as high as the smoke from your barbecue. Read More

Allengen Free symbol


Dizzy Pig Seasonings—Always Allergy Safe

Did you know that 90% of all allergic reactions are caused by the top eight food allergens? Read More


Blazing New Trails With IPA

Blazing new trails is something we always strive for at Dizzy Pig, but the release… Read More


Dizzy Pig Heats It Up with GHOST

Over the years, we’ve figured out that even our spicy seasonings leave the hardcore chile… Read More


Dizzy Pig Hits Big with Game On!

Yet another coffee inspired creation from Dizzy Pig, Game On! is already getting rave reviews… Read More

BBQ Buddha's IPA salmon


The BBQ Buddha Reviews Dizzy Pig’s Departure Series IPA

My good friends at Dizzy Pig Seasonings sent me their new line of rubs… Read More

Folks with Peanut Allergies Feel Free to Get Spun!


Folks with Peanut Allergies Feel Free to Get Spun!

All Dizzy Pig products are free of peanuts, and are not affected by the recent government recall on all products with ground cumin that were tainted with peanuts. Read More

Spice blend development, in the Dizzy Pig test kitchen


In the Dizzy Pig Test Kitchen — Spice Blend Development

Part of being an industry leader in unique and balanced flavor profiles is the development of new spice blends. Read More

Dizzy Tips: Old stale ingredients can ruin your meal!


Old Stale Spices can Ruin your Meal!

Top quality meats and seafood deserve fresh spice flavors to coax out the most in your meal. That means replacing older, flacid flavored spice blends with new, fresh ground seasonings. Read More

Dizzy Pig spices


How Fresh Are My Spices

Have you ever wondered just how fresh those spices sitting in your cupboard are? If you purchase your spices whole, they will keep their punch for years. Read More