Dizzy Pig Seasonings—Always Allergy Safe


Allengen Free symbolDid you know that 90% of all allergic reactions are caused by the top eight food allergens?

It’s estimated that nearly 15 million Americans have a food allergy, and about 30% of children have more than one food allergy.

Peace of Mind

At Dizzy Pig, we don’t want 15 million people to miss out on our flavors. So instead, we make our seasonings without any of those eight food allergens that cause the most trouble.

That’s why we bottle all our spices under one roof. A roof and four walls that keep out any cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.

We want everyone to be able to pick up some Dizzy Pig seasonings, and use them without any fear of an allergic reaction.

We know that eliminating these allergens from our spices means that more people can safely try our delicious rubs and seasonings — without having to worry about an allergic reaction. But we also know that it brings peace of mind to those who don’t have food allergies, but enjoy cooking for others.


Keep Your Options Open

Our seasonings are used for all kinds of recipes and dishes, but they’re often used for BBQ recipes. Most people don’t grill up plates full of meat for just themselves. Instead, they invite over their family and friends. Maybe their friends bring along one of their friends or a new Significant Other.

The point is that you probably aren’t going to be asking every single person who rolls into your backyard whether they have an allergy that you should be looking out for.

And even if they do, what would your options be with a different seasoning or rub? Leave it off? That’s not exactly practical, and we think it makes more sense to simply use Dizzy Pig products. You have a huge selection of award-winning flavors to choose from. And you never have to worry about triggering an allergy if one of your guests happens to pick up the wrong kabob.

And we don’t just stop at making sure our products are allergen free. We also make special types to accommodate people with various health and nutrition restrictions.

  • Are you on a low-sodium diet? Well, you’re in luck — we have salt-free spices for you, as well. (But remember that all of our seasonings are naturally low in sodium, because we know that the best flavors don’t come from loading up on salt. They come from fantastic, natural ingredients and bold combinations.)
  • Need to stay away from sugar? Then you should try one of our sugar-free seasonings. They’re delicious without a trace of sugar.
  • And of course all of our seasonings are gluten-free, as well.

It’s all part of our effort to bring you the best seasonings and rubs using all-natural, high-quality ingredients – freshly ground for the best flavor, and handmade right here in the USA. We’re certain you’ll taste the difference, so take your pick of our allergy safe seasonings and get cookin’.

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