How To Pull Off The Greatest Springtime Backyard BBQ Ever

That title’s quite a mouthful. But done well, you, your friends, and your family will all have more than one mouthful of delicious BBQ this spring.

But how are you going to go about pulling off this fantastic springtime BBQ?

There are so many little decisions that are really up to you. But there are also plenty of non-negotiable factors to consider if you want to have an amazing BBQ.

So check out what it takes to put together the greatest springtime backyard BBQ ever.


Number 1

Time It Right

If you’ve ever tried to figure out a schedule for a large group of people, you know that it can be a nightmare.

A rigid schedule will only cause you frustration when it comes to your BBQ. Invite everyone you want to attend. Tell them to come “around ____”, and be prepared for lots of people to show up an hour or two after that.

Get a couple of your ride-or-die buddies to come over and help you prepare, or make it a team effort with your spouse. That way you aren’t checking the clock and sadly flipping burgers while waiting for everyone to show up.


Number 2

Ya Gotta Have The Meat

And plenty of it. Sides are great, too. No doubt about it. But if you want to have a great springtime BBQ, you need at least a few different types of food coming off the grill or out of the slow cooker. Burgers, brats, hot dogs—sure. But also think about your pulled pork, your brisket, or your chicken wings.

Variety is the spice of life, you guys.

And remember to get your prep work done early. You don’t want to be making your patties while guests are knocking at the door. Have everything prepped so that all you have to do is grill it or serve it. People won’t have to wait around for food, and you’ll have more time to actually enjoy your BBQ.


Number 3

Have A Contingency Plan For The Weather

If it’s going to be a springtime BBQ, it’s going to need a fallback option. Ideally, this is just a covered area outside where you can still grill even if there’s hail falling from the skies. Planning a BBQ even a week ahead of time in the spring is courting disaster if you don’t have some sort of cover or plan for inclement weather.


Number 4

Delegate A Few Things

You already prepared enough meat and sides to feed an army. So give yourself a break when it comes to the little things.

  • Text your buddy who loves to control the music and tell him you need a fresh playlist for the BBQ.
  • If you start running low on cold drinks, have someone else pick up reinforcements on the way over to your place.

Most people are willing to go the extra mile for you when they’re getting a fantastic free meal. Delegate a few items on your list, relax, and enjoy the day.

When it comes to the meat at your BBQ, the flavors matter just as much as how you cook it. So if you want to throw the greatest springtime BBQ ever, grab some Dizzy Pig seasonings and rubs for a superior quality and unmatched flavor.

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