8oz bottle of Peking Chinese style seasoning
8oz shaker bottle of Peking Chinese style seasoning

Peking Chinese Style Seasoning

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Adds a delicious Far East flavor to anything you cook.

Peking Recipes

Peking: A True Taste of China, from Our Kitchen to Yours

Imagine stepping into a little corner restaurant outside the Forbidden City, the scents of star anise and ginger seeping delicately into your nose, your clothing, your spirit. Behind the counter, you see gloriously roasted ducks in a row, their skin golden, still crackling as you’re handed a plate. Maybe you get a cold drink or a small salad with your roasted duck, or perhaps you simply dip greasy hands in for bite after bite until you’re bursting.

About Peking

Of course, not everyone can day trip to the heart of China. That’s where our delicious Peking spice mixture comes in, giving you the option to bring these imperial tastes home to your dining room, outdoor kitchen or picnic table. Make your own Peking duck, fresh from the oven and steaming with pungent garlic, paprika, turmeric, orange peel and Chinese spices. Or infuse that delicious Asian flavor into wherever your creative spirit takes you.

Typically, people are confined to Chinese five spice powder for their Asian recipes, but these powders are often overpowering and detracts from the exquisite natural flavors of duck or baby back ribs. Instead of burying those flavors in spices and condiments, you need a seasoning that will instead complement them, bringing out the best of the meat’s natural taste. Our Peking blend is balanced to give you the pleasant, authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

Our spice blends are all-natural, gluten-free, made with no peanuts, tree nuts or soy, so you can cook without worry of offending the dietarily sensitive. Try Peking today. We’re confident you’ll discover what so many others have: You don’t have to trek to the Great Wall to bring that delicious Far East flavor into your own kitchen.


We’ve had tasty results on pork ribs, chicken, sea bass, vegetable stir fry, shrimp, in a filling for dumplings, and of course duck!

  • Medium heat level
  • Heavy Asian influences
Our Favorite On
  • Duck
  • Poultry
  • Chinese spare ribs
  • Seafood
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Vegetables
  • Most Asian dishes

Customer Reviews

Peking in a Salmon omelette

5 5 1
Made a salmon omelette this morning and seasoned the salmon, peppers and onions with Peking and sprinkled some in the eggs too. Great flavor that really worked with the salmon and the eggs. Definitely making this again!

Like good Char Siu without all the work!

5 5 1
I ordered some Peking rub from Dizzy Pig as well and it arrived last week before the storms hit. I was finally able to break it out last night as we got a little sun and things started to dry out. I went with a pork steak that I picked up at our meat market before heading home. Rubbed and then smoked with mesquite indirect at 275. Put it on about 630 and ate at 830 - smoked to 195 internal temp. (For those unaware - pork steak is just a slice off a pork butt - usually bone in, it's a Central Texas staple) The dry finger taste of the rub had me a bit worried as it has a pretty strong anise like taste. But once cooked, rub takes on a completely different flavor - most likely due to the carmelization of the sugars. Flavor of the rub on Pork Steak was exactly like a good Char Siu recipe but without all the marinating and work involved. I saved half the pork steak to cube up and make pork fried rice for dinner tonight - definitely adding this to the regular rotation.

DP new Peking rub knocked our SOCKS OFF!!!

5 5 1
We have a local packing house named "Rabers" which makes a ground pork burger that we have loved for years. This is very coarse ground pork, NOT spiced up and clearly NOT sausage! Today our two bottles of DIZZY PIG's new "Peking" rub arrived so what a better way to try it out though I had already sampled it on the flap meat of some spares a few weeks ago so I already knew it was a WINNER! The "Peking" underneath the layers of pepper jack cheese and grilled onions the taste on the meat was OUTSTANDING!!!

Not just for duck

5 5 1
Last night we took the newest Dizzy Pig seasonings rub Peking out for a spin! We found some awesome pork chops at Sam's Club. The chops were glazed with Mae Ploy and Cholula Hot Sauce's Chipotle sauce with some honey. Obi was excited he got to help "paint" the pork chops! Asian pickled cucumbers, peppers and onions as a side dish. This new rub was a hit for the whole family. Peking is not just for duck as we proved last night! Hurry there are only 5000 bottles made of this limited edition rub.

Amazing on shrimp and scallop

5 5 1
Peking shrimp and scallops with Swiss Chard (onions, garlic and sesame oil) all sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Wow....we loved it. The Peking brought out the sweetness in the scallops but tasted different on the shrimp. Both were amazing. The toasted sesame seeds went really well and I actually added more at the table. Thanks brother!

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