Very recently Dizzy Pig blasted off the official release of, perhaps, our most exciting seasoning to date, Bayou-ish! See the official press release here. We think we’ve really hit a home run with this new blend. But don’t take our word for it, see what other highly respected culinarians are saying about Bayou-ish:
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Here’re a few recipes that we’ve created to get you started blackening and getting the most flavor out of Bayou-ish:

  • Bayou-ish Ahi Tuna Bites

    Bayou-ish Ahi Tuna Bites

  • Bayou-ish Pan Seared Fish & Chicken

    Pan Seared Fish and Chicken

  • Black & Blue Burgers

    Back & Blue Burgers

  • Bayou-ish Pork

    Bayou-ish Pork

ish flavor pack
With the release of Bayou-ish, we thought there’s no better time to re-introduce the other three “ish” Fusion blends in the line-up:

Mediterranean-ish blend:

Captures the expressive, evocative, exotic and enticing aromas and flavors of the region and brings them, fresh-ground, to your next cooking adventure. To ignite your Greek and Italian culinary imagination, shake on the Mediterranean-ish! Roasts, veggies, chicken, meatballs and more, all come alive with this medley of herbs and garlic flavors.

See what other foodies say about Mediterranean-ish:
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These recipes highlight Mediterranean-ish and are complimented by its Greek and Italian influences:

  • Mediterranean-ish Brussel Sprouts

    Mediterranean-ish Brussel Sprouts

  • Mediterranean-ish Salmon Antipasto Feast

    Mediterranean-ish Salmon Antipasto Feast

Bombay Curry-ish blend:

A spicy marketplace, fresh spin on classic Indian curry. This blend strikes that delicate balance between heat, savory, exotic and fragrant. No spice blend benefits more from the deft Dizzy Pig hand than does Bombay Curry-ish.

Try these recipes featuring Bombay Curry-ish:

  • Bombay Curry-ish Chicken

    Bombay Curry-ish Chicken

  • Curry-ish Ginger Garlic Meatballs

    Curry-ish Ginger Garlic Meatballs

  • Banana Rum Cream Pie with Bombay Curry-ish Spiced Crust

    Banana Rum Cream Pie with Bombay Curry-ish Spiced Crust

  • Dizzy Pig Bombay Curry-ish Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Dizzy Pig Bombay Curry-ish Sweet Potato Pancakes

  • Orange Ginger Curry-ish Wings

    Orange Ginger Curry-ish Wings

Fajita-ish blend:

With this seasoning, we have created the perfect blend and totally nailed the south-of-the-border flavor profile. Fajita-ish showcases an array of spices, chilies and herbs as close to mortar-and-pestle ground as you’ll get in a commercial spice blend!Fajita-ish has replaced taco seasoning in our pantries.

Try it in these great recipes too:

  • Fajita-ish Mexican Grill

    Fajita-ish Mexican Grill

  • VA BBQ Pirates Fish Tacos

    VA BBQ Pirates Fish Tacos