Dizzy Pig Launches BAYOU-ISH, the Perfect Blackening Seasoning

Dizzy Pig release of Bayou-ish

Very recently Dizzy Pig blasted off the official release of, perhaps, our most exciting seasoning to date, Bayou-ish!

We think we’ve really hit a home run with this new blend.

But don’t take our word for it, see what other highly respected culinarians are saying about Bayou-ish:

Bayou-ish a big hit

This new Bayou-ish rub is going to be a big hit for DP. When a rub tastes that good and fresh right out of the bag or bottle, you know it’s going to be good! [Originally posted on the GreenEggers Forum]


Blackened grouper

My wife loves fish and unfortunately for her, I don’t. However, for Mother’s Day, I decided to make some for her for dinner. I bought some great pieces of Grouper from our local seafood place. They fly it in fresh every day and is as good as we can get here in Chicago.

I coated it heavily with the new Dizzy Pig Bayou-ish and then a few shakes of DP Swamp Venom to add a little bit of extra heat. This was my first time using the new Bayou-ish and it is outstanding. Love that the salt level is pretty low and not overpowering like so many other Cajun spices you buy in the store. Highly recommend!!

Buckeyebob [from eggheadforum post]

Throw downs

Did several throw downs with DP Blackened Redfish seasoning. Chicken, followed by scallops, beef burgers,and tenderloin medallions. In each case my traveling companion did not know which seasoning she was trying. I have tried a few Blackening rubs but always returned to PP.

The result – a dead heat which in my opinion is a huge accomplishment considering the popularity of PPBR. [Originally posted on the GreenEggers Forum]

Frank from Houma

Recipes using Bayou-ish

Here are a few recipes that we’ve created to get you started blackening and getting the most flavor out of Bayou-ish:

Bayou-ish Ahi tuna bites
Bayou-ish Ahi Tuna Bites
Bayou-ish Blackened Fish
Pan Seared Fish and Chicken
Black & Bleu Burgers
Black & Bleu Burgers
Bayou-ish pork loin
Bayou-ish Pork
With the release of Bayou-ish, we thought there’s no better time to re-introduce the other three “ish” Fusion blends in the line-up:

Number 1Mediterranean-ish Greek & Italian seasoning blend

Captures the expressive, evocative, exotic and enticing aromas and flavors of the region and brings them, fresh-ground, to your next cooking adventure. To ignite your Greek and Italian culinary imagination, shake on the Mediterranean-ish! Roasts, veggies, chicken, meatballs and more, all come alive with this medley of herbs and garlic flavors.

See what other foodies say about Mediterranean-ish:

Griffin’s Grub

I’ve got to hand it to Dizzy Pig, they’ve done it again. Another winner for sure. I don’t know what all is in this rub, but it was fantastic. Very herbaceous, definitely tones of rosemary and oregano. Just the right amount of salt for my tastes. Perfectly balanced and it does make you think of the Mediterranean. I think this could be added to any Greek or Italian dish and really give it a boost of flavor. I’ve not attempted lamb yet on the blog, but upon taking the first bite or two, I know I am going to have to try this on lamb for sure.
Read entire entry here

Jason of Griffin’s Grub Food Blog

Mediterranean-ish on Lamb

We did a boneless leg a of lamb. Jessica has been doing a yogurt marinated lamb for Kebobs. We did this same technique.  Normally we add some curry powder (we have switched to curryish!) to the yogurt and Salt and Pepper along with fresh garlic.  This time we did the yogurt, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic and used the Mediteranish instead of the Curryish.  This marinade was on the lamb for 3 hours then i coated the outside of the lamb with the Mediteranish before placing on a 500* egg.  After searing the sides I closed the egg down for a dwell till the lamb reached 120* internal.  I have to say we loved the rub! It has the herbal notes that I remember from Herbs de Provence!   Actually, Jess wants me to order two bottles worth because we will be cooking Leg of Lamb for our wedding November 2nd!   We are going to try the rub on pork chops in the next two days. I want to see how the rub is just by itself.  I knew I wanted to try it on lamb and we needed to test our yogurt recipe on a bigger piece of lamb.

I know that I like more Salt than most people, so me adding salt to a rub is normal. (I do not add to Raising the Steaks!) I am wondering if the garlic will be missed on the pork chops.  Yet we will do nothing to the pork chops so we can get a true flavor of the rub.

I hope this review is helpful.

Ken Hess

Big hit on stuffed pork chops

Chris and Crew:
Had a great time with you guys at Eggfest, and thanks for the Mediterranean-ish. After getting home, I did a little bit of experimenting with it, on some New York Strips, and some Pork Chops, stuffed with mild pan sausage, and wrapped in Bacon.

Needless to say, it was a big hit with a few of my friends, but by far the Pork Chop’s were the hit!!!! Cooked via pan then oven, I got alot of compliments on the flavor of the Mediterranean-ish, and people tried to pin point the flavor.

I can’t wait to try it on some fish, and chicken, which is next in line! I will get back to you when I hear what they have to say about it!

Thanks again!!!

Daniel Salazar

Recipes using Mediterranean-ish

Mediterranean-ish Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Mediterranean-ish Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Mediterranean-ish salmon antipasto
Salmon Antipasto Feast
Mediterranean-ish Brussels Sprouts
Mediterranean-ish Brussels Sprouts
Mediterranean-ish Seafood Stew
Mediterranean-ish Seafood Stew

Number 2Bombay Curry-ish fusion blend

A spicy marketplace, fresh spin on classic Indian curry. This blend strikes that delicate balance between heat, savory, exotic and fragrant. No spice blend benefits more from the deft Dizzy Pig hand than does Bombay Curry-ish.

Recipes using Bombay Curry-ish

Bombay Curry Chicken
Bombay Curry-ish Chicken
Orange ginger curry-ish wings
Orange Ginger Curry-ish Wings
Curry ginger garlic meatballs
Cury-ish Ginger Garlic Meatballs
Banana rum cream pie with Bombay Curry-ish spiced crust
Banana Rum Cream Pie
Bombay Curry-ish sweet potato fritters
Bombay Curry-ish Sweet Potato Pancakes

Number 3Fajita-ish Mexican seasoning blend

With this seasoning, we have created the perfect blend and totally nailed the south-of-the-border flavor profile. Fajita-ish showcases an array of spices, chilies and herbs as close to mortar-and-pestle ground as you’ll get in a commercial spice blend!Fajita-ish has replaced taco seasoning in our pantries.

Recipes using Fajita-ish

Fajita-ish Shrimp Bites
Fajita-ish Shrimp Bites
VA BBQ Pirates Fish Tacos
VA BBQ Pirates Fish Tacos
Dizzy Pig Creamy Chicken Chili
Dizzy Pig Creamy Chicken Chili
Fajita-ish Mexican Grill[
Fajita-ish Mexican Grill

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