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Testimonials on our Tsunami Spin Seasonings
  • Food crush on Dizzy Pig

    We have a food crush on Dizzy Pig rubs, Chris Capell. We just did a half rack of ribs with Tsunami Spin and a half with Shakin' the Tree and they're both fantastic. What have you wrought??

    Julie Stain
  • Grilled Tsunami Duck Breast

    I had never eaten a grilled duck breast until Chris served us a couple at his competition school. Wow!! is all I can say. Now I make them at home on a fairly regular basis. Very good eats!

  • Canadian bacon

    I wanted to let you know that I have cooked your recipe for canadian bacon twice now with fantastic results. I did make a few changes. I couldn't find juniper berries so I left them out of the brine. I also used the Red Eye rub on the meat during the cooking process but I also sprinkled the pork loin with a generous amount of fresh finely ground columbian coffee along with the Red Eye. I cooked on the Big Green Egg indirect at 220° until the internal temp was 140°. I used a few oak pellets for a light smoke. I cooked an 8 lb loin along with a turkey for Thanksgiving and the loin disappeared before my eyes and we are still eating turkey. Thanks for the recipe.

    Thanks just received my order. Kids and I love the Tsunami Spin on our popcorn.

  • Great meal

    Spatched some hens tonite. Rubbed with softened butter and DP Tsunami Spin. Made a simple glaze of balsamic vinegar, cranberry juice, sugar and melted butter. Cooked at 400* raised direct. Served with brown & wild rice and grilled broccoli. First time with broccoli on the Egg. Flavor was good but will par-boil next time and then on the Egg for a few, wasn't quite to the doneness/ texture I like. Great meal though, hens turned out very flavorful.

  • Asian spin

    This week I did an asian marinade of soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce on some flat irons, dried them off and dusted with Tsunami Spin and it was awesome. Great with any kind of asian stir fry too. Served with Tsunami Spin Fried Rice

    I also use a combination of "Raising the Steaks" and "Shakin The Tree" on steaks and they compliment each other very nicely.

  • Each product is different

    A friend of mine knew this and last weekend had us over to cook bass for him. He showed me his latest order of rubs from your company and I asked him if I could open all of the jars. He asked me why and I told him that time and again we have tested various manufacturers’ rubs at market and at home and that so many of them from the same company smelled the same and even tasted the same but “said” they were different; like for pork, beef, fish etc.

    Well, I was very, very excited to note extreme differences in your product offerings. I usually use pepper, garlic salt and onion salt on fish but was taken by the tsunami spin sample packet he had on hand. I told him that if everyone was game that I really wanted to try this rub. The rest is history. It was wonderful.

    Another friend of mine put me on to your company about a month ago and I called him today to get another testimonial from him. I got off the line 30 minutes later.

    Please keep up the good work. I’m going to your web site to place an order right now.

  • Tsunami healing

    One last note, I will be placing another order soon. You sent me a sample of Tsunami Spin. Well I cook from time to time for my Wife’s grandmother. She is 82 and very hard to please, think of the old “Where’s the Beef” lady from the Wendy’s ads. I put together a Chicken seasoned with TS, and she called yesterday to tell me that the chicken “Healed” her and that she had never had such a chicken. All the more excuse to get spices and to use the BGE.

  • Awesome flavor

    I took your advice & used it on shrimp last night. heres how i did them i used 31-40 count shrimp & pealed them before cooking, melted clarified butter in a pan, added a generous amount of tsunami spin to the butter & stirred added shrimp & tossed till done, poured over white rice. Awesome flavor, thanks!
    I usually i do shrimp this way but with old bay or phillips blackening seasoning.

  • Versatility

    hey mang. . .
    hope all going well for you, haven’t seen you post much lately, but i figure you are busy grinding away and filling orders. . . .
    wife made up a batch of risotto yesterday afternoon (not to belabor this, but its the first time she’s actually cooked in almost 4 years due to her illness, so i was really proud of her for taking the initiative to try, and it was good risotto) ... . anyway, i went over to the safeway to shop, and didn’t feel like firing up the eggs (it was getting too late by the time i got home) .. .
    but what i got to go with the risotto was some boneless chicken breasts. . . .i halved them, then dredged them in about 1/2 cup flour mixed with a couple of tablespoons of tsunami spin . . .sauteed them in a combination of butter/olive oil ... .when they were done, i browned some finely chopped shallots in the leftover butter/olive oil, scraping up the ‘bits’. ....then added some sliced baby bella shrooms, and a good splash of white wine, for a nice mushroom/wine reduction sauce .. . added a bit more wine to cook off and finished with a couple of more pads of butter to get a nice creamy texture. .. poured that all over the platter chicken. .. .the whole gang scarffed it right down. . .went great with the rice. ... and the tsunami in the flour add just the right level of seasoning to the dish...just sorry i didn’t take any pics . ..even though its not ‘outdoor cooking’ . . might make a nice addition to the recipe page as it adds to the ‘versatility’ of the rubs. . . .

  • Impressed so far

    I tried the Dizzy Pig Wings recipe, the wings were great. I went light on the Cayenne pepper, because my wife wanted to try the wings. Next time I will make the wings hotter. I just had a sample of Tsunami Spin that might have made a different in the temperature too. I used your Cow Lick Steak Rub on my Steak, Good Stuff. I’m looking forward to Brisket of a Boston butt. Just wanted to let you know I have been impressed so far. I wish I had ordered a bottle of the TSUNAMI SPIN when I ordered the other rubs, it is very good. I will be placing an order soon for a bottle. I will be doing more wings.

  • Jason Stucky

    Chris, Hey got the sample pack the other day. Thanks. I gave it my first go with dizzy dust on my steak that I t-rexed. Than I had some fresh shrimp. 3 with tsunami spin and 3 with shake the tree. Man you guys are great. I really like the tsunami spin and the dizzy dust was great.  I cant wait to try more out... I had a thought about another rub. I hope that you guys are coming up with something for Fajitas. More of a mexican twist

    Jason Stucky
  • Brings back good memories

    “We used your dizzy-pig gift for several things; I used Tsunami Spin and Raging River Rub for spicing a dressing in our salad, spiced pieces of roe-deer and pork with Dizzy Dust on the Oklahoma Joe, made a potato salad extra tasty with Ragin RR. And the Ragin RR is used several times for pork ordinary in our saucepan. Of course it is not the special quality we eat at your place, but it makes it easier to think for a while that we are back at your home.”

  • Tsunami Spin peanut butter

    Was making myself a peanut butter sandwich and thought about how bland (but good) PB is. I decided to add Tsunami Spin. Took about 4 heaping tablespoons full in a cup and added about - that’s a key word here - half a tablespoon to the PB and blended it all together. Really quite tasty!
    I could have added maybe a 1/4 tablespoon more to the mix. My youngest granddaughter, age 12, thought it was great! I think I’ve finally gone around the bend. Geezerdom is fun!
    Hope all is well.

  • Ginger lime kabob took the prize

    I made the ginger lime kabob with your Tsunami Spin and they were incredible! I happened to have some Jasmine rice on hand as well. We love the Maple Salmon recipe, but this took the prize. Now I know I’ll kick ass next time I cook for guests.

  • Tsunami Spin toothpaste...

    I am a HUGE fan of Tsunami Spin, I would use Tsunami Spin toothpaste if you made it. Thanks!