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DrBBQ’s Air Fryer Fried Chicken Legs

By Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ

This is a tasty air fryer faux fried chicken recipe with that great Tsunami Spin flavor. Wondra® is a fine-ground flour that’s mainly used for thickening sauces and gravies without creating lumps, but in this case, it helps create a thin and crispy crust on the chicken. It should be available in most supermarkets in a cardboard cannister, but in a pinch, you could substitute cornstarch. Duck Fat Spray has also become readily available, but you could substitute olive oil spray if necessary.


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  • 8 medium sized chicken drumsticks
  • Duck fat spray, or Olive oil spray
  • Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin seasoning
  • Wondra® flour


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F
  2. Spray the chicken legs all over with the duck fat or olive oil Spray
  3. Season chicken legs liberally with Tsunami spin seasoning on all sides
  4. Spray again with the duck fat or olive oil spray, and dust the legs with Wondra® flour, coating them on all sides
  5. Place a piece of parchment paper in the air fryer, and position the chicken legs in a single layer so that they are not overlapping
  6. Turn the air fryer on to cook for 25 minutes at 400°F
  7. After 12 minutes, flip the chicken legs over
  8. Continue cooking for the remainder of the 25 minutes
  9. The legs should reach an internal temp of about 190°F and be well browned and crusty
  10. Remove to a platter and serve immediately