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Crab Boil with Tsunami Spin and Bayou-ish

By Max and Sydney Rosen

Dizzy Pig’s own Max and Sydney were at it again this weekend. They went down to the local docks and stocked up on some fresh live crabs and craw fish for a bodacious seafood boil! Along with sausage, corn and red taters, and all seasoned with the best that Dizzy Pig has to offer, they created a fantastic summer meal that was finger licking good!



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  • 3-4 bottles of beer of your choice (enough for the bottom of the pot but below the level of the food)
  • At least 2 full cups of seasoning (in our case a combination of Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin and Bayou-ish)
  • 1 1/2 dozen medium live Chesapeake blue crabs (you can adjust for the crabs in your area)
  • 2 lbs fresh live crawfish***
  • 1 lb link sausage (chorizo is great, we used a really good sweet Italian) cut up into chunks
  • 5 or 6 small red potatoes par-boiled
  • 3 ears of corn sectioned into thirds


  • You will need either a traditional double steamer crab pot, or a large soup pot/double boiler set up. In our case we used a large 5 gallon soup pot with a steamer basket inside. You want to have your seafood above the boiling liquid, not sitting in it, for best results. To feed 4 hungry people (if you have more than this, you just need to buy accordingly and you might have to cook the food up in a couple of shifts)

***If you can’t find crawfish, you can use other shellfish like clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp or any combination in your boil. It will all be great!!


  1. Par-boil potatoes and section ears of corn into thirds.
  2. Mix equal parts of Tsunami Spin and Bayou-ish together to make at least 2 full cups.
  3. In your pot, pour in the beer and add approximately 1 full cup of mixed rub. Heat to a rolling boil.
  4. In your basket or steamer pot section, layer the crabs/crawfish/corn/taters/sausage, shaking a good dose of the rub combination on each layer. We used about another full cup of rub throughout our basket.
  5. Place the basket full of goodies into (or on top of) the pot of boiling beer and cover tightly. Let steam for approximately 20 minutes (crabs and crawfish will be bright red).
  6. Remove from pot and dump onto large trays or directly onto your table covered with newspaper/heavy paper. Have a big bowl of melted butter to dip your food into while eating. And plenty of ice cold beer to wash it down with! It doesn’t get much better than that!!