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Testimonials on our Mediterranean-ish Seasonings
  • Mediterranean-ish Big Hit on Stuffed Pork Chops

    Chris and Crew:
    Had a great time with you guys at Eggfest, and thanks for the Mediterranean-ish. After getting home, I did a little bit of experimenting with it, on some New York Strips, and some Pork Chops, stuffed with mild pan sausage, and wrapped in Bacon.

    Needless to say, it was a big hit with a few of my friends, but by far the Pork Chop's were the hit!!!! Cooked via pan then oven, I got alot of compliments on the flavor of the Mediterranean-ish, and people tried to pin point the flavor.

    I can't wait to try it on some fish, and chicken, which is next in line! I will get back to you when I hear what they have to say about it!

    Thanks again!!! Daniel Salazar

    Daniel Salazar
  • Mediterranean-ish on Lamb

    We did a boneless leg a of lamb. Jessica has been doing a yogurt marinated lamb for Kebobs. We did this same technique.  Normally we add some curry powder (we have switched to curryish!) to the yogurt and Salt and Pepper along with fresh garlic.  This time we did the yogurt, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic and used the Mediteranish instead of the Curryish.  This marinade was on the lamb for 3 hours then i coated the outside of the lamb with the Mediteranish before placing on a 500* egg.  After searing the sides I closed the egg down for a dwell till the lamb reached 120* internal.  I have to say we loved the rub! It has the herbal notes that I remember from Herbs de Provence!   Actually, Jess wants me to order two bottles worth because we will be cooking Leg of Lamb for our wedding November 2nd!   We are going to try the rub on pork chops in the next two days. I want to see how the rub is just by itself.  I knew I wanted to try it on lamb and we needed to test our yogurt recipe on a bigger piece of lamb.

    I know that I like more Salt than most people, so me adding salt to a rub is normal. (I do not add to Raising the Steaks!) I am wondering if the garlic will be missed on the pork chops.  Yet we will do nothing to the pork chops so we can get a true flavor of the rub.

    I did use the curryish on the brussel sprouts. I rendered bacon lardons in our cast iron skillet and then added diced onions to the pan.  Next I added the brussel sprouts then the Curryish to the pan to toast the powder. after it was toasted I deglazed with chicken stock and through cast iron back on the BGE at 450* till the brussel sprouts were tender.

    I hope this review is helpful.

    Ken Hess
  • The Van Gogh of Allspice

    The van Gogh of Allspice.

    Well from initial taste I was very impressed.  Very pleasing to the taste buds straight out of the bag.  Its like the van Gogh of allspice.  I made fridge scramble egg dish the other day with a garlic sea salt mix as well as an Italian herb mix with good results.  This inspired me to try mediterraneanish on scrambled eggs. WOW!  The result was awesome, I am thinking this is going to be very popular and very versatile.  The flavor was a lot more vibrant after cooking it in the eggs.  15 minutes later and the aftertaste is still dancing on my tongue.

    Both Max and Nolan tried some straight of the package.  Nolan said "its was really good", Max can't talk yet but he was reaching for more.

    More to follow as I cook with it more.

    Paine Wingate
  • Griffin's Grub

    I’ve got to hand it to Dizzy Pig, they’ve done it again. Another winner for sure. I don’t know what all is in this rub, but it was fantastic. Very herbaceous, definitely tones of rosemary and oregano. Just the right amount of salt for my tastes. Perfectly balanced and it does make you think of the Mediterranean. I think this could be added to any Greek or Italian dish and really give it a boost of flavor. I’ve not attempted lamb yet on the blog, but upon taking the first bite or two, I know I am going to have to try this on lamb for sure.
    Read entire entry here

    Jason Griffin
  • Mediterranean-ish Wings

    First congrats to Dizzy Pig on their GC last week and thanks for including me on your tasters/review list. So far lovin the new Mediterraneanish spice, I sprinkled a dash on some crab last night that were steamed and liked it. I know it will be great on fish.
    Pat the Pool man Florida WingsKinda hard to explain the flavor other than really good and not overpowering so I'll try it on some acorn squash tomorrow along with whatever the protein happens to be. I think they have another hit coming out and this one might be the most versatile of them all.

    Pat Melbourne, FlaPoolMan
  • Having fun

    Dear Dizzy Pig:
    Thanks for sending the packet of Mediterraneanish. We've been having some fun in the Chicken Ranch Test Kitchen - The Coop. I posted about each on the Green Eggers forum, along with some photos. Feel free to use any of it if you like. The first was in the wok.

    First of all, it really smells good and passes the wet finger test. But I noticed early on that it takes a bit more of it to express its flavor on both meat and vegetables. Not a problem but it does take a little adjusting to. I can't say that it's a good Wok-cook rub. The poached eggs breakfast was just so-so: okay but not right for a breakfast. I still like Red Eye on my eggs. The burger would have needed twice as much rub to make a strong statement, something we like in a burger. The salmon was okay but Raging River is much better. I know you don't put a lot of salt in your rubs but I had to add salt to everything, and I'm currently on a low-salt diet. I just don't crave salt like I used to, but still, salt is sometimes the flavor kicker that's needed. I believe now that we understand it's flavor range, we'll try it on chicken, something we should have tried first. I have a feeling it will be good.

    Also, we'll try it on some other kind of fish than salmon. I think that will be good too. Meanwhile, I saw where a few others posted their results on the Green Eggers Forum. I'll go to the survey site tomorrow and answer the questions so you can better use the data.

    Thanks for allowing me to test it. I'll look forward to seeing it on my dealer's shelf.

    Leroy McMillin aka Spring Chicken