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Testimonials on our Jamaican Firewalk Seasonings
  • BBQ Heaven

    I have died and gone to BBQ heaven.  December 20, 2009. We have had a near blizzard here in Boston. With at least a foot of snow on the ground, about 17 degrees outside, I was able to somehow get to my grill.......DIZZY PIG was applied to three racks of baby back ribs the night before. RAGING RIVER, RED EYE EXPRESS AND JAMAICAN FIREWALK.....Hot off the grill, I ripped them apart right out in the cold.....NO SAUCE NEEDED.

    I know what to get everybody next Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all of you

    Brian Matthews, Dedham, MA
  • Competed in Hancock

    Myself and one of my teeagers from our youth group competed in the Hancock county Fair BBQ contest this past weekend. Chad cooked a Jamaican Firewalk chicken and I did a T Rex T-Bone steak. I am here to tell you that the egg and the Dizzy Pig made the difference!!!
    We only had 90 min to cook from the time we lit the charcoal (no prob there since I used my propane tank and torch). Man, the heads turned when I lit those bad boys!! So it was not so traditional of a BBQ comp but it was short and fun.

    Chad spatchcocked the chicken and added some Jamaican Firewalk rub and then threw it on the grill with a raised grid. I waited a while and when the time was right and the tem was at nuke temps I started my T-Bone with a little Cow Lick Rub and the normal T Rex method.

    We got our picture taken and a nice young gal from the local paper interviewed us to see what the BGE was all about.

    In the end it was a fun time....oh Chad got $50 for third place and I received $100 for first place!!!!

    Thanks for all the info and knowledge over the past 6 years!!

    Burnt Offering BBQ
  • Tried several

    Thank you for the update. I purchased a Big Green Egg this past winter after about 2 years of thought & research from a friends shop here at the Lake of the Ozarks. He is an incredible chef also. They had Dizzy Pigs 'Raising the Steak' rub along with a few others. I make my own rubs, mops & marinades and so does he but he told me Raising the Steak was the best beef rub/seasoning he has used and he was right! Since then I have cooked for a lot of family & friends and use Raising the Steak on my burgers & steaks. I bought all they had at the shop for family & friends and they haven't restocked. I have been asking them to see when the next shipment would arrive and they are down to only a few different rubs. I was down to my last jar and panicked so I searched the internet to see if you sold retail. Thank you very much! I also use and have everyone else using several different rubs From Dizzy Pig, the coffee infused and Jamaican are also excellent. Thank
    you for creating an excellent product!

  • My 12-year old loves them

    Thanks for the help! I searched the web site, but couldn’t find the nutritional information anywhere. Boy, do I feel stupid—didn’t page down on each product page. You don’t hide nutritional as most companies do.

    My 12-year old is crazy about the Dizzy Dust (especially on chicken). He is having so much fun trying all of the samples, and loving them as well. There isn’t one he or we have disliked! We just tried the Jamaican Firewalk last night, and it was not too hot. Yet another hit!! My son even had more chicken later last night! He’s been enjoying the leftovers with the other rubs as well (not typical for him to ask for the leftover chicken/steak/etc. the next day). So, we are fairly new fans, but we are discovering how great your other rubs are as well. Thanks for the great products!!

  • BGE and Dizzy Pig

    After 32 years with the State health agency, I retired and my wife bought me the Big Green Egg as a retirement present. Another retirement present from a good friend and colleague in Dallas was a healthy sampling of Dizzy Pig Rubs for use with the Egg - what a combination!! I see several rib recipes on your website but this may be the simplest and best yet. Make a very thick rub of olive oil and equal parts Red Eye Express and Jamaican Firewalk. Thickly coat the meat side and let 'er rip - neighbors will be in line with beer in hand and there ain't a better combo this side of the Red River!

    Smilin' Steve in Austin Texas!
  • Try a mixture

    Try a mixture of Cow Lick and Jamaican Firewalk on your steaks! Gives it a great crust and just the right amount of heat.

  • Magnificent

    Used some Jamaican Firewalk on some Tilapia fillets sauteed in olive oil.  MAGNIFICENT!  Another few weeks and it will be BBQ season, so i can break out all the choices and hit the charcoal with them.  Can't wait!"

  • Having lots of fun with DP

    Hi Chris:
    Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know we have been experimenting with the Jamaican Firewalk rub with good results. Also using a lot of the Raging River rub on salmon and shrimp.

    We had a barbecue on Sunday, June 12, and grilled some skewered shrimp. Rubbed olive oil and Jamaican Firewalk rub (scant) on them. Everyone loved them.

    That same day, I sprinkled Raging River rub on salmon steaks, and pan fried it first in a olive oil rubbed heavy duty skillet (I have Circulon cookware), then put a little dill sauce on top of each steak and stuck the pan in the oven at 400 deg. for a few minutes. Served them with the dill sauce I prepared and received lots of oohs and aahs. Everyone loved it.

    Yesterday, I tried out Paula Deen’s recipe for shrimp salad sandwiches. I pulled out the remainder of a bag of cooked shrimp from my freezer, defrosted them, rinsed, dried them up. Chopped them as fine as I could, then added finely chopped celery, onion powder, black pepper, mayo, boiled egg. Mash it all up. I didn’t have crazy salt which Paula Deen used in her recipe, so I sprinkled a fair amount of Raging River rub and two small dashes of Jamaican Firewalk. It was delicious. Served it as Paula Deen suggested - white toasted bread slices, Romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

    She has another recipe using grilled asparagus in a sandwich. Think I’ll try that next using one of your rubs. Keep you posted.

    My husband, Larry, said I should let you know how everything turned out, since we have had so much luck with your products.

    Our next project is to get a nice beef brisket and barbecue that.

    Take care and we are having lots of fun with your products.

  • Absolutely amazing

    I’ve ordered many things online such as laptops, video games, remote control airplanes, smokers, etc. I swear I have never been more anxious to receive a package then I was waiting for your rubs to arrive. Placed the order on Thursday and was so surprised to see it in the mail on Saturday. Outstanding service and the samples were more then generous. Thank You!

    Now about the rubs.......ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! The Jamaican Firewalk was exactly like I hoped it would be. I’ve been using this on Chicken, Steak, Burgers. It’s also great on plain old white rice. Then I decided to give the Swamp Venom sample a try on some chicken breasts and was officially “Spun”. I’m hooked. Going to try the Dizzy Dust on a pork shoulder this weekend. I can’t wait.
    Thanks for the great service and wonderful product.
    Best Regards

  • Incredible

    Hey Chris:
    Sup yo! I have been forgetting for the last 3 weeks to place an order. I got some firewalk about 2 years ago and really never used it. In June I started putting it on chicken breast and direct grill it and man it is incredible. My wife loves it so much I am afraid she might leave me for you. Oh well as long as she doesn’t take the grill and you don’t cut me off, I’ll be fine.
    Anyway, looks like thing are only getting better for DP and your success is showing up at the cookoffs. Congratulations!
    Send me my order as soon as you can we are having withdrawals.

  • Request for more chicken

    My wife is no longer a vegetarian. She started eating meat again after I bought my Big Green Egg (2 months ago). I used your Jamaican Fire Walk on some chicken I grilled last night and she loved it, as did I. That was her first chicken in 12 years. She has requested more chicken tomorrow night. I can’t take all the credit, she loved your rub, but I’m gonna take some because I bought the rub and grilled the chicken!

  • Thanks for high quality product

    I've been a foodie for many, many years and have tried every gourmet product I can get my hands on. I heard about your site on a food blog so I had to try. I just received your sample pack a couple of weeks ago and tried them all. I smoked some ribs with 1/2 of your Dizzy Dust, course and 1/2 Red-eye Express. I used your online recipe and they were the best I've ever done. I also really love the Jamaican Fire Walk. It's not as spicy as the name would suggest, which is a good thing, just amazing, exotic flavors. But my absolute favorite of your line is the Raising the Steaks. I've made my own steak rub for years with freshly ground whole spices because I just couldn't find a good product anywhere with the flavors that I love. Your Raising the Steaks is incredible, beats mine hands down. I am so happy that I don't have to go to all the trouble anymore. Thanks so much for such a high quality product. My only hope is that you maintain your obviously high standards no matter how big your company grows. Gotta run, and buy some more rubs for myself and friends!

  • Brought back Jamaica

    Hello I just wanted to say that I just received 3 of your spices for my birthday, The Jamaican Firewalk ( Is Great ) brought back thoughts of my Favorite Jerk Chicken place On The Island, Fern Gully Jerk Centre in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

    Andy Howard; Curtice, Ohio