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From the original Dizzy Dust to our exciting new Limited Release Departure Series, Dizzy Pig seasonings are fresh and all-natural. But don’t take our word for it – let our customers tell you what they think.

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Testimonials on our Raising the Steaks Seasonings
  • Many flavor profiles

    The sampler pack is a great idea. I am a huge fan of raising the steaks, cow lick, raging river,and red eye. What I like most about the DP rubs is they offer so many flavor profiles which stray from the middle of the road rub. Great products by a great friend of the BGE community.
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Raising the Steaks

    Just wanted to let you know my 10 yr. old daughter won 2nd place in the Decatur, Alabama Riverfest KID'S Q competition this past Saturday. They provide them with a ribeye steak and a charcoal grill. All she did was tenderize it and put "Raising the Steaks" on it!!  Thank you for great seasonings & ROLL TIDE!!

    Jimmy Bone
  • Tried several

    Thank you for the update. I purchased a Big Green Egg this past winter after about 2 years of thought & research from a friends shop here at the Lake of the Ozarks. He is an incredible chef also. They had Dizzy Pigs 'Raising the Steak' rub along with a few others. I make my own rubs, mops & marinades and so does he but he told me Raising the Steak was the best beef rub/seasoning he has used and he was right! Since then I have cooked for a lot of family & friends and use Raising the Steak on my burgers & steaks. I bought all they had at the shop for family & friends and they haven't restocked. I have been asking them to see when the next shipment would arrive and they are down to only a few different rubs. I was down to my last jar and panicked so I searched the internet to see if you sold retail. Thank you very much! I also use and have everyone else using several different rubs From Dizzy Pig, the coffee infused and Jamaican are also excellent. Thank
    you for creating an excellent product!

  • Extremely happy

    I have been extremely happy with everything that has arrived at my house with your label on it! My chickens are better than ever. My burgers are better than ever. I actually cooked a steak the other night with just cow lick and that thing was awesome. I have tried cooking steaks without marinade for about a year now and had no luck with good flavor. Thats why I ordered that Raising The Steaks. I figured I give it a whirl too. Keep up the good  work man. Let me know if you ever need anything in this neck of the woods. Talk to ya later

    Heath Thompson
  • Asian spin

    This week I did an asian marinade of soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce on some flat irons, dried them off and dusted with Tsunami Spin and it was awesome. Great with any kind of asian stir fry too. Served with Tsunami Spin Fried Rice

    I also use a combination of "Raising the Steaks" and "Shakin The Tree" on steaks and they compliment each other very nicely.

  • Best beef

    Hey Joe and everyone else! Thanks a lot for the delicious spices and the bonus packets! I did pit beef on the Big Green Egg with raise the steaks it was the best beef I have cooked! One quick question how many orders have you sent to Australia?

    Stefan Kostoski
  • Dizzy Pig in Europe

    Hello Chris,

    We met in the Netherlands last december.

    The members on my forum have been nagging me for months for a release date on the Pig. Wessel gave me a sample when they arrived, I previously worked with raging river, shakin' the tree, raising the steaks and the red-eye express.

    I've been working this season with the complete Dizzy Pig assortment in my demo's for Big Green Egg Europe, workshops and catering gigs.

    I've been all over the country in all kinds of venues, from bachelor parties to high end restaurants and wine tastings.

    I sometimes don't tell my guests I'm working with your product, to see their reaction, and it's allways very surprised and very positive. We Dutch are definately not yet used to these flavours, but if confronted by them we get really enthousiastic, really fast.

    So thank you for making my life a little easier (I don't have to think about the seasoning anymore) and I'm pretty sure Dizzy pig will be a great succes in Europe.


  • Family eating together

    Hey Chris,
    I just wanted to share some feedback with you. I ordered the sample pack and some dizzy dust to see what I liked best. Wow! I guess the kids wont get to
    go to the beach this year as I plan on ordering a lot of this stuff in the future.

    The Cow lick I tried on some thick steaks and my whole kitchen was moaning with delight as we all savored the flavor. Raging River the next night on some cat fish. We have all struggled to get fish into our diets, everyone had seconds and wanted to know why we didn’t make more. That has never happened on fish night before!

    Did a leg of lamb and my father put on his Greek style concoction but I still added some Dizzy Dust and holly Cow! My father always does the grilling for family events and he told me as in the King Foo movie I finally have snatched the pebble from his hand. The torch has been passed and I have the Dizzy Pig team and my BGE to thanks for it.

    I was hoping to be able to order some Raising the Steaks but I did not see it as a selection. I will be looking for that one soon as it is right up my alley.

    Take it easy and keep up the great work. My family and I are eating together very often and they are bringing friends.

    David E. Shaw, Jr.
  • Amazing service and rubs

    I just had to tell you that I am Very Impressed with the Dizzy Pig Company.... My order was processed on the very day I placed it and the products arrived at lightening speed, on the exact day I was told that it would arrive. That very night I cooked Cheeseburgers on my BGE using the “Raising the Steaks Rub”, mixed in with the meat. They were amazing. The next night I used “Dizzy Dust” on baby-back ribs and all I heard at the dinner table was “mmmmmm” and “boy are these Good”.
    Thanks again for Amazing Service and Amazing rubs....

  • Enjoyed DP seasonings

    Dear Chris and Co., I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your DP seasonings/rubs. It took me awhile to try the Red Eye Express, but once I did I was sorry I waited so long. I make pulled pork for our concession stand for all of my son's home soccer games using the DP Coarse. It's a huge hit. I also love Shakin' The Tree on grilled asparagus and Raising The Steaks on, well, steaks!. I'm now replacing the ones I use the most. Thanks for great products. Very best regards

    Mark (aka Weekend Warrior)
  • Thanks for high quality product

    I've been a foodie for many, many years and have tried every gourmet product I can get my hands on. I heard about your site on a food blog so I had to try. I just received your sample pack a couple of weeks ago and tried them all. I smoked some ribs with 1/2 of your Dizzy Dust, course and 1/2 Red-eye Express. I used your online recipe and they were the best I've ever done. I also really love the Jamaican Fire Walk. It's not as spicy as the name would suggest, which is a good thing, just amazing, exotic flavors. But my absolute favorite of your line is the Raising the Steaks. I've made my own steak rub for years with freshly ground whole spices because I just couldn't find a good product anywhere with the flavors that I love. Your Raising the Steaks is incredible, beats mine hands down. I am so happy that I don't have to go to all the trouble anymore. Thanks so much for such a high quality product. My only hope is that you maintain your obviously high standards no matter how big your company grows. Gotta run, and buy some more rubs for myself and friends!

  • Customer for life

    i just got "the works" in yesterday from them. i opened them all up with the missus last night to smell them and they smell fantastic, rather than the usual generic smell i get from rubs. they also all smell unique and different, which is important to me.
    i had cooked some hamburgers a day before and before i heated one up last night, i sprinkled a bit of the raising the steaks on there and OMG the flavor it added. i had to let my wife taste it as well to make sure i wasn't crazy. she had just had a hamburger for lunch earlier that day without the rub on it. the difference was huge, not slight. low salt content. fresh natural ingrediants. i'm a first time customer that will be a customer for life. all that and a bag of chips.

  • Packed full of flavor

    I had meant to make a thread on the 3rd, but then decided to wait until we had at least tried what we ordered.

    I placed an order on the 1st, late morning. Used regular shipping, and prayed it would be here by the 4th, but not really expecting it to be. It was delivered at about 10am on the 3rd, with a couple of samples and a nice hand written note from Kenny on it.

    What GREAT service. And the actual rubs themselves are phenomonal. my wife and i LOVE them all. we got a regular dizzy dust, a red eye and a raising the steaks.

    we love them all, they're all packed full of flavor.
    in the past 4 days we've used them 3 times. even the kids love them!

    in conclusion, dizzy pig > all