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Testimonials on our Dizzy Dust Seasonings
  • Must always have

    If I was limited to only say 4 choices they would be:
    Cow Lick
    Raging River
    Dizzy Dust - Coarse grind
    Swamp Venom

    Don't get me wrong I also keep 7 other DP rubs on hand, but the four listed above are my favorites. If it really boiled down to only two then Raging River and Cow lick would be my MUST ALWAYS HAVE!
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Thrilled

    Just wanted to drop a line to say how much my wife & I love your Dizzy Dust seasoning. We picked it up at the Ace Hardware in Fairfax, and I'm thrilled to see you have other seasonings that I'll be trying soon. The kick that the Dizzy Dust has is amazing. Keep up the good work, and I'm thrilled you guys are in my neck of the woods!

    Pete Chisholm
  • The future tastes delicious!

    I just purchased the Dizzy Dust for the first time and are you F'n kidding me! I feel like I've just been unplugged from the matrix. Everything I've ever known has been a lie! Thanks for destroying my bland world! The future tastes delicious!!!!

    Brian Richardson
  • Dizzy Dust and Raging River

    I received a sample of Dizzy Dust when I bought Grill grates on line. I used it on a flank steak that I broiled in my oven. It was so good that I ordered a selection of your seasonings.

    A week ago I used the Salmon rub on a whole side filet and just baked it, wrapped in aluminum foil, in the oven. It was fantastic. But even better, tonight I used the leftovers to make a cold salmon salad. I added only some mayonnaise and it was so good. I have also used the curry rub to make a chicken salad and it was spectacular.

    I will be ordering the entire line of your seasoning products as they are exceptionally well crafted. Thank you for providing a superior product.

    Ed Solomon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Salt-Free Dizzy Dust is awesome!

    I spent a long time looking for a salt-free bbq rub since I have no clue how to make my own. Then while searching I came across Dizzy Pig and remembered the bbq team from bbq shows I used to watch, so I checked out the website and happy to find two salt-free rubs. After thinking about it real hard I decided to try out the salt-free dizzy dust.

    First I have to say when I called the staff was very friendly and helpful with the ordering process and any questions that I had. I ordered two pounds of salt-free dizzy dust and was excited to get it and do my first cook ever which were St. Louis spare ribs. I applied my homemade bbq sauce at last part of my cook and when I took my first bite I was floored at the awesome flavor. I will be buying my rub from Dizzy Pig from now on. Next I will do chicken thighs with Salt-Free Dizzy Dust.

    Jarrod Cole
  • Really like Dizzy Dust

    I just wanted to say thanks for the quick service and free samples. I really liked the dizzy dust plus the others but the dizzy dust was just incredible on home cut fries with mozzarella cheese. Looks like I will have to place another order hopefully before my big memorial cookout.

    Joe Sperski
  • Prompt service

    Thanks for the prompt service! You guys are awesome!

    I ordered the bottle of rub to spread the love of Dizzy Pig with my friends in Miami. I cooked for them back in May and they have have been begging me for the secret ever since. So I guess it's time to give up the secret; Dizzy Dust!

    The rest will be used by our Cooks Bay BBQ team in competition, unless I can steal some for my personal use. I'm faster than my brothers (notice I didn't say bigger!) so I think I can swing a handful or two.

    Thanks again for everything!

    Dan Sundberg
  • My 12-year old loves them

    Thanks for the help! I searched the web site, but couldn’t find the nutritional information anywhere. Boy, do I feel stupid—didn’t page down on each product page. You don’t hide nutritional as most companies do.

    My 12-year old is crazy about the Dizzy Dust (especially on chicken). He is having so much fun trying all of the samples, and loving them as well. There isn’t one he or we have disliked! We just tried the Jamaican Firewalk last night, and it was not too hot. Yet another hit!! My son even had more chicken later last night! He’s been enjoying the leftovers with the other rubs as well (not typical for him to ask for the leftover chicken/steak/etc. the next day). So, we are fairly new fans, but we are discovering how great your other rubs are as well. Thanks for the great products!!

  • Christened new egg

    Just a note to let you know I've tested my new (Medium) Florida egg; not to be confused with my old (Large) Maryland egg. Using the rubs you dispatched to me I have christened the new egg: Spatchcocked chicken using Cowlick, and a couple half racks of ribs with Dizzy Dust. Both turned out outstanding, and my neighbors are raving. I really appreciate your personalized service to me, and wish you and your staff a great Christmas and a very busy 2009.

  • Bomb Diggity

    Dizzy Dust is the Bomb Diggity. I love it. I did two chickens tonight (beer can style) and both were liberally dusted with Dizzy Dust. I even threw a couple mesquite chunks on the Char Griller as an experiment. The chicken received rave reviews from the family.

    The Cow Lick is getting used tomorrow on some rib eyes and a very large sirloin.

    Thank you again for such great products.

    Do you guys have a Facebook fan page or are you on Twitter?

    Keep up the great work!

    Chris Morin
  • Intense with depth

    Drove to next town over to get a jar of Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust for a pork loin on egg tonight. If you havent tried it, the smell is worth the price (and Wow, the place I bought it from was VERY proud of it )!

    Dizzy Dust is much more intense with more depth than all off the shelf rubs I have tried to date, and I have a cabinet full. The raves it gets on this site are well earned. Cant wait to try several of the other flavors! Tonight we eat from the hooves of "One Magical Animal - Homer Simpson".

    Dave in Keller, TX
  • Quick thanks

    Just a quick note of thanks. Using the coarse grain Dizzy Dust and Green Egg I smoked a whole pork shoulder last weekend. Though I live in San Francisco,Ca now I grew up in North Carolina and have had a lot of different pulled pork. My friend(some of whom are also from NC) and I agreed that this is the best we have ever had. Thank you and keep up the good work! I look forward to smoking a chicken this weekend, I am just not sure which spice/rub to use!

  • Secret ingredient

    Just a shout to ya - I took part in my first chili cook-off today and came away in 1st place out of 11 at work. Red Eye and salt free DDust were a big part of my dry ingredients. I completely enjoyed telling people there was a little bit of coffee in the chili.
    A little bit of magic too....and a Jack soaked chipotle...

    Anyhoo, tomorrow I'll be spreading the word to more folks about the 'secret ingredient' Dizzy Pig.

  • Never go back again

    I just wanted to thank you for such a great rub! i put the dizzy dust on my ribs and pork loin this past weekend and everyone said to never use my "old" rub again!!!! it was fabulous! you have my business from now on! thanks again

  • Something to your stuff

    My friend Joe Spinney and I participated in the SoCal Eggfest and Joe took second place, his claim to fame was the dizzy dust and the guy who won used the pineapple stuff. Joe only got beat by six votes! There must be something to your stuff.

    Paul Popplewell
  • Take a whiff

    Hi Chris,
    I received my order on that Saturday as you predicted. The rubs smelled fantastic — I still occasionally pop the top and take a whiff as if I’m some kind of addict! I’ve done a lot of things on my Egg since I got it, but I still hadn’t tried any overnight cooks. After getting your rubs, I went out the same day and bought a 10# Boston Butt, rubbed it with Dizzy Dust, and cooked it overnight for a little over 20 hours. The results were fantastic!
    Thank you very much for all your attention to detail — the email below, the fast shipping, the personalized note, and the samples of the other rubs are a real nice touch. I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you in the future. Best of luck to you with your company and all your BBQ competitions...

    Lou Stempien
  • Don't change anything

    Got my order from you last Thursday. Had a 3 pack of ribs from Sams and decided to do a medley of three different rubs, one for each rack. Settled finally on Dizzy Dust, Swamp Venom, and Raging River. I normally do the 3/1.5/1 method but opted to let the ribs go on their own for 4+ hours at about 220 - 230 on a rib rack and just rotated and spritzed the ribs every 30 minutes. The ribs turned out to be the best ones yet. Your rubs are superior to anything I have purchased because they are not as salty as other rubs. Haven’t used the Shakin the Trees v1.3 yet but I will this weekend.
    Keep up the good work and don’t change ‘em. If anything how’s about a larger size bottle.

  • Family eating together

    Hey Chris,
    I just wanted to share some feedback with you. I ordered the sample pack and some dizzy dust to see what I liked best. Wow! I guess the kids wont get to
    go to the beach this year as I plan on ordering a lot of this stuff in the future.

    The Cow lick I tried on some thick steaks and my whole kitchen was moaning with delight as we all savored the flavor. Raging River the next night on some cat fish. We have all struggled to get fish into our diets, everyone had seconds and wanted to know why we didn’t make more. That has never happened on fish night before!

    Did a leg of lamb and my father put on his Greek style concoction but I still added some Dizzy Dust and holly Cow! My father always does the grilling for family events and he told me as in the King Foo movie I finally have snatched the pebble from his hand. The torch has been passed and I have the Dizzy Pig team and my BGE to thanks for it.

    I was hoping to be able to order some Raising the Steaks but I did not see it as a selection. I will be looking for that one soon as it is right up my alley.

    Take it easy and keep up the great work. My family and I are eating together very often and they are bringing friends.

    David E. Shaw, Jr.
  • The best ever

    well tonight i made my first pork butt with your dizzy pig coarse grind.i have made pork butts many times and were ok.but !!!! this time i did the same way as usually but used your dizzy pig rub and what a change in flavor.this was the best ever and the family went crazy again !!!!! last week i did a brisket with red eye and that was the best flavor ever !! i owe it all to you.this is the best rub out there on the market !!! can’t wait to try the other rubs next ! your mixture in the rubs are perfect!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work you do and can’t wait until you come up with the next generation of rubs

    Tom (Ohio)
  • Jason Stucky

    Chris, Hey got the sample pack the other day. Thanks. I gave it my first go with dizzy dust on my steak that I t-rexed. Than I had some fresh shrimp. 3 with tsunami spin and 3 with shake the tree. Man you guys are great. I really like the tsunami spin and the dizzy dust was great.  I cant wait to try more out... I had a thought about another rub. I hope that you guys are coming up with something for Fajitas. More of a mexican twist

    Jason Stucky
  • Jeff in Alaska

    Hi Chris,
    I ordered your sampler assortment on Monday, received them Friday, and tried my first one today (Monday). I used the Dizzy Dust on some pork ribs, and smoked them up on my 30+ year old clay BGE. I have always use a BBQ sauce on my ribs, and this was my first time using a dry rub. They were just incredible, best I’ve ever cooked. And this coming from a guy who barbecues all year around.
    I’ll be trying the maple salmon recipe next in a few days, I can’t wait. I originally got the sampler so that I could find out which ones I’ll like best and order more of that, but I have a feeling that I’ll be ordering more of each flavor soon.

    Jeff in Alaska
  • Stumps smoking & neighbors sniffing

    First of all congrads. on your Danville competition. Second, I smoked a pork loin, 4 chickens, and two boston butts today using your rubs. Everything turned out great and everyone loved results. I used your Raging River and the Dizzy Dust.  They said it was my best  cook yet. Just wanted to let you know about my great end products. I had the Stumps smoking and the neighbors sniffing.

  • Potent rubs

    Wow….your rubs are potent and I fully enjoyed them doing my practice runs.  I tried your coarse blend with a pork loin with cherry wine sauce in a people’s choice event and got rave reviews.  The spices really blend nicely.  Local TV show wants me to come on and do a Q segment for their July 4th episode. Would it be OK to showcase your rub on the show? Just asking permission.

    Harry, Rockford, TN
  • Yeehaawww

    I cooked today with your seasonings (on the BGE of course); I cooked 2 pork tenderloins, and 2 chickens. I used the Dizzy Dust and the Raging River, and as we like to say in Texas - YEEEHAAWWW! MMMMmmm good! Thanks so much for the prompt service and wonderful products. Also, thanks for the free samples. Can’t wait to use them soon. Now I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas, a pack of all your seasonings!

  • Competed in Marshalltown

    Dude I competed in Marshalltown Iowa last weekend 4th place overall 3rd in chicken...Dizzy Dust 4th in ribs......Swamp Venom (my favorite) 12th in brisket..Cow Lick 38th in pork..I screwed it up Thanks Dizzy Pig guys.

  • Perfect compliment

    Chris/Mike, Just a quick note to let you know about my first time cook with the BGE:
    Sunday was T-Rex ribeyes with Cow lick.
    Monday was chicken thighs with Dizzy Dust, and Spatchcocked chicken with Tsunami Spin.
    Tuesday was BB ribs (3) with Dizzy Dust, Raging River, and Swamp Venom.
    In each and every case, your rubs were the perfect complement to the meals. I will spread the word!

  • Brings back good memories

    “We used your dizzy-pig gift for several things; I used Tsunami Spin and Raging River Rub for spicing a dressing in our salad, spiced pieces of roe-deer and pork with Dizzy Dust on the Oklahoma Joe, made a potato salad extra tasty with Ragin RR. And the Ragin RR is used several times for pork ordinary in our saucepan. Of course it is not the special quality we eat at your place, but it makes it easier to think for a while that we are back at your home.”

  • Absolutely amazing

    I’ve ordered many things online such as laptops, video games, remote control airplanes, smokers, etc. I swear I have never been more anxious to receive a package then I was waiting for your rubs to arrive. Placed the order on Thursday and was so surprised to see it in the mail on Saturday. Outstanding service and the samples were more then generous. Thank You!

    Now about the rubs.......ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! The Jamaican Firewalk was exactly like I hoped it would be. I’ve been using this on Chicken, Steak, Burgers. It’s also great on plain old white rice. Then I decided to give the Swamp Venom sample a try on some chicken breasts and was officially “Spun”. I’m hooked. Going to try the Dizzy Dust on a pork shoulder this weekend. I can’t wait.
    Thanks for the great service and wonderful product.
    Best Regards

  • Amazing service and rubs

    I just had to tell you that I am Very Impressed with the Dizzy Pig Company.... My order was processed on the very day I placed it and the products arrived at lightening speed, on the exact day I was told that it would arrive. That very night I cooked Cheeseburgers on my BGE using the “Raising the Steaks Rub”, mixed in with the meat. They were amazing. The next night I used “Dizzy Dust” on baby-back ribs and all I heard at the dinner table was “mmmmmm” and “boy are these Good”.
    Thanks again for Amazing Service and Amazing rubs....

  • Pulled pork on focacia

    We love the Dizzy Pig® product line.  I have cooked two Boston Butts with the Coarse grind rub and Apple Juice/Vinegar injection - turned out  great for a first effort.  Did try something different than the hamburger bun/white bread routine though.  My mother was in town and she is quite the baker, so I asked if she would bake some focacia bread.  After the bread was made, I brushed some olive oil on the bread and toasted it over the fire.  Then I took some Jalapeño Peach Jelly and spread that on each slice of bread. Placed sliced cabbage on the bottom and put the pulled pork right on top of it without sauce.  It was delicious!  Might be a little pretentious for BBQ, but it was good.  Feel free to share - we really liked it.

    Major Robert
  • Very impressed

    I wanted to let you know that I got my order on friday. I did burgers with Cow Lick on friday and ribs with Dizzy Dust yesterday. Thus far, I am very impressed. I’ve been using the “_______” brand rubs on my ribs for at least a year or so and thought they were adequate. Well, your rubs are so much better that it is shocking I settled for something so inferior for so long. Keep up the good work and I will of course keep using your products and trying all the other rubs I got in my order. Great job!

  • Greatly improved ribs

    I've been meaning to send you thanks for the great products. Since I switched to Dizzy Dust Regular, my ribs have greatly improved. At our last contest we took 12th out of 26 teams in ribs. We still need to improve.
    Thanks for the great service and products.

    Randy, Plumb Crazy Smokers
  • Excellent product

    Hi Gail - Wanted to let you know that we received the order late last week and tried the dizzy dust on ribs this weekend and it was excellent...we bought a weber charcoal grill earlier this spring and have been using it with Wicked Good's Weekend Warrior lump charcoal... it's a real nice change from the gas grill we've used for years.... there's a group of us at work who are into BBQ'g with the lump charcoal (no lighter fluid!!) and we've all ordered from you... excellent product!!!...many thanks

  • Thanks for high quality product

    I've been a foodie for many, many years and have tried every gourmet product I can get my hands on. I heard about your site on a food blog so I had to try. I just received your sample pack a couple of weeks ago and tried them all. I smoked some ribs with 1/2 of your Dizzy Dust, course and 1/2 Red-eye Express. I used your online recipe and they were the best I've ever done. I also really love the Jamaican Fire Walk. It's not as spicy as the name would suggest, which is a good thing, just amazing, exotic flavors. But my absolute favorite of your line is the Raising the Steaks. I've made my own steak rub for years with freshly ground whole spices because I just couldn't find a good product anywhere with the flavors that I love. Your Raising the Steaks is incredible, beats mine hands down. I am so happy that I don't have to go to all the trouble anymore. Thanks so much for such a high quality product. My only hope is that you maintain your obviously high standards no matter how big your company grows. Gotta run, and buy some more rubs for myself and friends!

  • Efficient and excellent

    God I wish one tenth of all business's were as efficient and excellent as your company and staff. How wonderful things would be!!!

  • Won the entire thing!

    Hey, just to let you know that I entered a KCBS comp in Columbus Ga on the amateur division and WON THE ENTIRE THING!!!! Used the original rub on my ribs and took 5th in the division, and I have never even placed in ribs before!!!! Excellent product and Thanks!! I have the medal and trophy now that I have always wanted!! By the way, the trophy was a giant "AFLAC" duck!!!!! HA! If yall would like pictures, tell me and I'll send them to ya.....Thanks so much

  • Dizzy Dust on backribs

    Hi Chris: You're right! I tried the Dizzy Dust on backribs this past weekend and THAT TOPPED ALL of the great experiences I've thus far enjoyed in purchasing from your company. WOW, we had not experienced flavor close to this since we moved from southern Kansas to the upper midwest. I had pretty much lost my interest in barbeque since moving up here because I couldn't find any products in stores that did justice to a good cut of meat and the time invested in preparation and cooking. I now have found rubs and products that I will enjoy experimenting with and serving my family.
    I don't mean to sound like a blithering idiot here, but I am very grateful to have found your website and your product. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for producing great products - you and your team should be very proud of your company!

  • Won 1st place

    Hi Chris, Just wanted to send you a big thanks! I won 1st Place at the Maryland BBQ Bash Tailgate Challenge last Friday thanks to good ole Dizzy Dust! My first competition! I walked over to thank you guys in person but nobody was at your "camp" when I came by.

  • Packed full of flavor

    I had meant to make a thread on the 3rd, but then decided to wait until we had at least tried what we ordered.

    I placed an order on the 1st, late morning. Used regular shipping, and prayed it would be here by the 4th, but not really expecting it to be. It was delivered at about 10am on the 3rd, with a couple of samples and a nice hand written note from Kenny on it.

    What GREAT service. And the actual rubs themselves are phenomonal. my wife and i LOVE them all. we got a regular dizzy dust, a red eye and a raising the steaks.

    we love them all, they're all packed full of flavor.
    in the past 4 days we've used them 3 times. even the kids love them!

    in conclusion, dizzy pig > all

  • BBQ Poker Party

    Going to have a BBQ Poker Party this weekend with Dizzy dusted ribs and your BBQ potatoes.  Should be great!  The other recipe I’m trying to perfect is what I call “Dizzifried Smoked Chicken” based on the Smokin’ Thighs recipe from South Street Smokehouse posted on bbqreport.com.  What I do is rub the skinless, boneless thighs first in Dizzy Dust, then on to the Egg at 250 for 2 hours over hickory smoke. Then they’re rolled in flour mixed with Dizzy Dust, dipped in egg, then rolled again in the flour/dust mix and put in the fridge for an hour to let the batter set.  Then it’s into the deep frier for 4 minutes, after which they’re dipped in a good BBQ sauce (I like Cattlemen’s Original mixed with orange juice and simmered for 20 minutes).  The mix of smoke, spices and the frying that seals in the juices make for some succulent chicken.  My friends said it was the best chicken they’d ever had and blows away KFC.  I’ll post and let you know my results with some pics so you can put it up (I think this would be a perfect recipe to highlight your forthcoming Dizzy BBQ sauce).

    Keep blowing ‘em away in your competitions.  If you guys ever make it to Cali, let me know.

    Dan in California
  • Haven't met one I didn't like

    Just wanted you to know…. I ordered a variety of Dizzy Pig spices and the sampler pack to try out some of your spice mixes. WOW. Haven’t met a Dizzy Rub I didn’t like. The stuff is fabulous!!! You have a new DP convert!