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From the original Dizzy Dust to our exciting new Limited Release Departure Series, Dizzy Pig seasonings are fresh and all-natural. But don’t take our word for it – let our customers tell you what they think.

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Testimonials on our Crossroads Seasonings
  • Very balanced seasoning

    Crossroads is a really very balanced seasoning. Texas BBQ is more peppery and Southern BBQ is sweeter. Crossroads embodies both. We used it on Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg. Great combination for pork especially ribs. Great color and again, very balanced flavor profile.

    Brian Hinkle
  • Incredible BBQ flavor

    Right amount of salt. Just an incredible BBQ flavor and right amount of spice (not too much & not mild). Side-note, I'm from Memphis so I can be very judgmental when it comes to BBQ and you guys knocked it out of the park.

    Zack Zaharko
  • Brings back memories

    The flavor is very balanced with pleasant heat that lingers in a pleasant way, not harsh - makes you want more. That is a measure of a good BBQ rub with heat - you just want more and more. The more I taste the more I want. Good Job. Did several tastes and each one brings memories of BBQ I've had throughout the south in NC, SC, FL, KY, TN.

    David P. Hanson
  • So many options

    I opened the sample pouch and breathed in the aroma and many notes of traditional BBQ came to mind. I then tasted it from the pouch, letting it linger on my tongue a bit. I closed my eyes and imagined what food I would try it on . . . chicken . . . no, wait . . . pork . . . no, wait . . . chili! Many options came to mind, but I will try it in a beef chili on my Big Green Egg! Can't wait!

    Lauri Kennedy