Dizzy Pig Partners with Chris “The BBQ Buddha” Sussman

Dizzy Pig is excited to announce our partnership with Chris Sussman aka “The BBQ Buddha”

The BBQ Buddha’s goal of teaching people “Grilling by Feel” to make incredible food with their five senses aligns with the Dizzy Pig mission of helping people make better food at home.

What started as a friendship in 2015 between Dizzy Pig owner Chris Capell and The BBQ Buddha, has now grown to a business partnership. As The BBQ Buddha stated, “It wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when.”

On Thursday, August 13th, Chris Caprll and The BBQ Buddha went live on Facebook to announce the partnership, and talk all things BBQ. The BBQ Buddha went on to say

You (Chris Capell) were the first… You came out of the gate as a cooker, you shared information and your passion with the community, and you turned it into a product. That story really resonates with me. I am excited to share that story with people you know, and my followers.” He concluded that “Your (Dizzy Pig) product rings true and is better than anything on the market.

With the help of The BBQ Buddha, Dizzy Pig is excited to reach more kitchens and inspire new cooks. Follow Dizzy Pig and The BBQ Buddha for more.

Exclusive Recipes from The BBQ Buddha

The BBQ Buddha’s Accomplishments

  • In October 2018, Chris launched the brand The BBQ Buddha
  • Pit Master since 2009
  • Won the 2017 National Big Green Egg festivals top honor (Eggtoberfest’s People’s Choice Award)
  • Current member of the Big Green Egg Pro Staff, with multiple recipes on their website
  • Sponsored by Snake River Farms
  • Set to release his first published book in April 2021 “The Fundamentals of Smoking” through Page Street Publishing

The BBQ Buddha logo

The BBQ Buddha has been featured in:

  • Thrillist
  • The Huffington Post

The BBQ Buddha has worked with:

  • Budweiser
  • Sierra Nevade
  • Walmart

Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: @the_bbq_buddha
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theBBQBuddha