Buddha’s Faves 8-Pack

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Author, influencer, pitmaster and content creator Chris Sussman’s (The BBQ Buddha) favorite Dizzy Pig blends.

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Chris has plenty to choose from when seasoning his food. The variety of spice blends that Dizzy Pig offers assures that he has everything he needs for the wide array of dishes he cooks when creating content and writing books.

Here are his favorite 8 (in 8-oz shaker size)!

  • Dizzy Dust – the all-purpose rub that anchors the Dizzy Pig line-up
  • Cow Lick – the beef-tastic and peppery rub for all things bovine
  • Fajita-ish – with a south-of-the-border twist
  • Raging River – our ever-popular, sweet and savory rub for salmon and more
  • Tsunami Spin – a blend of Mid and Far Eastern influences to set your taste buds awhirl
  • Pineapple Head – the go-to seasoning for sweet pork and delectable grilled fruit
  • Peruvian-ish – delicious blend of earthy, fruity, tangy and clean flavors
  • SPG Chilies – the perfect mix of Salt-Pepper-Garlic with flavors from a variety of chilies

Save money on the Buddha Faves combo pack, and start flavoring your food with the best of the best.

Dizzy Pig, established in 2002, is one of the most tenured BBQ spice companies on the market. Our unique seasoning blends contain only high-quality fresh ground ingredients with no fillers. Learn why Dizzy Pig seasonings are better.

The Dizzy Pig Way

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