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Testimonials on our Ghost Seasonings
  • Liking Ghost & IPA

    I'm liking the Ghost and IPA a lot right now, I hope they become permanent. I have most of the other DP rubs in my cabinet and don't really use any other brand.
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

    Hungry Joe
  • Ghost & IPA

    Got my new shipment from Dizzy Pig, including the new limited edition IPA and Ghost rubs today! Wings make a nice palette for tasting new rubs, so brined some wings for a couple hours with salt, agave, cider vinegar and water, then dusted half lightly with Ghost, and the other half more heavily with IPA. Out of the bottle test on a wet finger, Ghost is HOT!, and IPA definitely tastes hoppy (Ale-ish?), with lots of flavors in there. After an indirect on the Mini...

    Ghost is mellowed a lot at first, but has a kick after a bit. Nice flavors, would go with a little more sweet in a sauce or glaze next time with wings, should be awesome in chili.

    IPA has lots of good savory tastes going on. Don't notice the beerishness so much after cooking, almost lush in flavor. Thinking it will be great on pork, and other chicken things. Looking forward to further experiments with both.