Dizzy Pig seasonings and rubs can be use in any way you can imagine. Just when we think we have it figured out, somebody finds a new use for it.

  • Use as a rub to season meats, fruits and veggies before cooking
  • Use as a flavoring for soups, stews, stir fries, casseroles
  • Use to flavor meatloaf, sausage, meatballs
  • Use as a condiment
  • Use to flavor a marinade
  • Use to flavor an injection
  • Use to flavor a brine
  • Use to flavor sauce
  • Use to season dips, chips, fries, nuts, jerky and popcorn

If you are accustomed to using commercial rubs or seasoning salt, you have probably been applying it fairly light with fears of over-salting your meal. Since Dizzy Pig seasonings are relatively low in salt, more can be applied. But there are many factors that determine how much to use. Milder foods, and thinner cuts require less seasoning. For example, a thin boneless skinless chicken breast requires less rub than a thick bone-in thigh. Also keep in mind that browning the food mellows the flavor of the seasoning, so more can be used when deep browning is expected. For an in-depth explanation with examples, please see Getting the Most out of Dizzy Pig in our Dizzy Tips section.

A standard 8 oz. (approx) bottle of Dizzy Pig will season 30-40 pounds of food.

Our quart shaker jars will season up to 150 pounds of meat, so a quart should be more than enough. Three of our original 8 oz. shaker bottle may be enough to get the job done, but you may need four.

Our seasonings and rubs can be applied just before cooking. However, we prefer to apply to one side then let sit for 5-15 minutes until it “melts” in and is not falling off. Then flip over and apply to the other side(s). Applying a few hours before cooking is also an option if it works best with your timing. However, rubbing your meat a day or more in advance can sometimes impart a “cured” flavor, especially with pork ribs. We don’t recommend seasoning your food too far in advance.

For longer cooks, more seasoning can be applied part way through the cook to impart a fresh layer of flavor.

A marinade is a great way to build in some extra layers of flavor in those outer layers of the food, and Dizzy Pig seasonings will provide a tantalizing flavor crust to compliment the marinade underneath. Your meal will look better with the addition of Dizzy Pig as well. Marinated foods don’t develop the same appealing outer crust without a layer of rub.

If your marinade is very salty, make sure and pat off any excess before applying the seasoning, and use less than you would normally.