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Testimonials on our Raging River Seasonings
  • Many flavor profiles

    The sampler pack is a great idea. I am a huge fan of raising the steaks, cow lick, raging river,and red eye. What I like most about the DP rubs is they offer so many flavor profiles which stray from the middle of the road rub. Great products by a great friend of the BGE community.
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Must always have

    If I was limited to only say 4 choices they would be:
    Cow Lick
    Raging River
    Dizzy Dust - Coarse grind
    Swamp Venom

    Don't get me wrong I also keep 7 other DP rubs on hand, but the four listed above are my favorites. If it really boiled down to only two then Raging River and Cow lick would be my MUST ALWAYS HAVE!
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • BBQ Heaven

    I have died and gone to BBQ heaven.  December 20, 2009. We have had a near blizzard here in Boston. With at least a foot of snow on the ground, about 17 degrees outside, I was able to somehow get to my grill.......DIZZY PIG was applied to three racks of baby back ribs the night before. RAGING RIVER, RED EYE EXPRESS AND JAMAICAN FIREWALK.....Hot off the grill, I ripped them apart right out in the cold.....NO SAUCE NEEDED.

    I know what to get everybody next Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all of you

    Brian Matthews, Dedham, MA
  • Dizzy Dust and Raging River

    I received a sample of Dizzy Dust when I bought Grill grates on line. I used it on a flank steak that I broiled in my oven. It was so good that I ordered a selection of your seasonings.

    A week ago I used the Salmon rub on a whole side filet and just baked it, wrapped in aluminum foil, in the oven. It was fantastic. But even better, tonight I used the leftovers to make a cold salmon salad. I added only some mayonnaise and it was so good. I have also used the curry rub to make a chicken salad and it was spectacular.

    I will be ordering the entire line of your seasoning products as they are exceptionally well crafted. Thank you for providing a superior product.

    Ed Solomon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Am a believer

    Didn't know what to expect when I first ordered in September, but I am a believer now. I bought a new Weber Smoker, bought Dizzy Pig rubs and with a freezer full of beef, pork and over 100 lbs. of tuna caught off the Outer Banks this past August,started smoking. You would not believe how good Tuna rubbed with Ragin River rub and smoked for two hours can be. Any tuna left over makes excellent Tuna Salad. My wife is tired of me hanging out at the smoker and drinking beer, but she sure likes your rubs.

    Mark A. Hamelberg Delaware, Ohio
  • Smoked salmon

    great news guys i found another killer use for your rubs the following is a recipe for some smoked salmon i add a generous amount of raging river or shakin the tree in the brine and then a goood coating on the fish before putting in the smoker. wow this is awesome and i cant even get good fresh salmon up here in minneosota but you would never know, i even fooled my aunt who is from alaska. she thougt it was great.

    1 cup heavy pulp orange juice (OJ starts the break down process)
    4 cups water
    1/8 to 1/4 cup garlic powder (how ya like it)
    1 tbsp coarse ground black pepper
    1/2 cup of salt (any kind)
    1 cup brown sugar
    make the night before, make sure all the sugar and salt is dissolved

    Fillet the salmon.
    Cut into 1 1/2" or 2" strips.
    Marinade the fish overnight in refrigerator.
    I do not dry the brined meat, just put it on the bbq and smoke with indirect heat. Do the fish till the flesh is firm.
    I use a charcoal smoker. Use apple chips or chunks & smoke to your taste preference. 225 degrees for about 45 minutes.. it is the best right out of the smoker, well on second thought i have never had any left to put in the fridge!!!

  • So happy

    The raging river  was the sample you all threw in extra. I think it was the one that had the slightly sweet under tone?  I am so happy with your stuff and I am recommending you to all of my freinds and just joined your Facebook fan page.

  • Love them all

    Just wanted to thank you for the Dizzy Pig pin that you included with my order. I love it! We absolutely love your products! Our favourites are Red Eye Express and Raging River... actually we love all of them, but we use these two the most! Put them on everything. After trying a bottle of Pineapple Head it also has become one of our favourites... love it on new potatoes.

  • Different and unique

    Chris - just want to let you know how awesome this rub is, and not just for BBQ. Raging River is different and unique but the whole family loves it on regular old chicken and fish dishes for dinner. It's helped me several times when I didn't have something planned out for dinner. Just sprinkle some of this on a chicken breast or some salmon, grill it real quick and you've got a great dinner. Kudos to ya bud.

  • Superlatives

    My wife doesn't give out superlatives very often, but she said this is the best salmon she's ever had .... and she's had it in Seattle, Vancouver, etc.

    I essentially did Dizzy Pig's recipe, but cooked it indirect and on a cedar plank. I did use the Raging River rub and the butter/maple syrup glaze. I don't typically like salmon, but this was outstanding.

    I recommend doing this recipe, either direct or indirect.

    Gary Houston, Teggsas
  • Good stuff

    A light to medium coat of Raging River on the Christmas ham which was injected with maple and sitting on 1/2 can of concentrated orange juice turned out to be one of the best hams in 4 years.

    I was going to toss those drippings but the combination of the OJ, RR and Maple was something else.

    Sometimes the flavors of the rubs, food and work of the egg is just fantastic.

    Chris, thanks to you and the crew at DP for some good stuff.

  • If you hate salmon

    Let me start with I HATE SALMON! Now I love salmon with the Raging River Maple/Butter Crusted Salmon. You have to try it even if like me you HATE salmon.
    This was out of this world good. An I guess good for me. Sorry no pic's.

    Mickey Salado, Texas
  • Samples

    I just wanted to thank you for the extremely prompt processing of my order! I received it on Tuesday.

    I am an accomplished cook and generally make my own rubs as I just haven't found anything on the market that I like. I received samples of your rubs at the Eggtoberfest in Atlanta, GA last Fall. I used the Raging River on salmon with a cedar plank and I think it was the best salmon I have ever had. Then we had some friends over for dinner and made it again for them. They have already placed an order with you for the rub they liked it so much. I know that you receive a lot of positive feedback due to the quality of your products but I thought that I would also let you know that the samples that you gave at the festival have proven to be a great marketing tool. Keep up the great work with the products!

  • Dizzy Pig in Europe

    Hello Chris,

    We met in the Netherlands last december.

    The members on my forum have been nagging me for months for a release date on the Pig. Wessel gave me a sample when they arrived, I previously worked with raging river, shakin' the tree, raising the steaks and the red-eye express.

    I've been working this season with the complete Dizzy Pig assortment in my demo's for Big Green Egg Europe, workshops and catering gigs.

    I've been all over the country in all kinds of venues, from bachelor parties to high end restaurants and wine tastings.

    I sometimes don't tell my guests I'm working with your product, to see their reaction, and it's allways very surprised and very positive. We Dutch are definately not yet used to these flavours, but if confronted by them we get really enthousiastic, really fast.

    So thank you for making my life a little easier (I don't have to think about the seasoning anymore) and I'm pretty sure Dizzy pig will be a great succes in Europe.


  • I pimp the pig

    I agree with Tino. Raging river on a spatchcock chicken raised grid 400 degrees. Hard to beat. I also like to use the Red Eye Express on a standing rib roast. I cooked two 5 pound Prime rib roast last week at a family members house and they were outta this world. I got out of my truck and un loaded my medium and grabbed my backpack full of rubs. They thought I was crazy until it was chow time. Then I turned into a super star. I had about 6 people crowded around me saying "now what was that rub again?" I pimp the pig every chance I get!!!

    Athens, Alabama
  • Having lots of fun with DP

    Hi Chris:
    Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know we have been experimenting with the Jamaican Firewalk rub with good results. Also using a lot of the Raging River rub on salmon and shrimp.

    We had a barbecue on Sunday, June 12, and grilled some skewered shrimp. Rubbed olive oil and Jamaican Firewalk rub (scant) on them. Everyone loved them.

    That same day, I sprinkled Raging River rub on salmon steaks, and pan fried it first in a olive oil rubbed heavy duty skillet (I have Circulon cookware), then put a little dill sauce on top of each steak and stuck the pan in the oven at 400 deg. for a few minutes. Served them with the dill sauce I prepared and received lots of oohs and aahs. Everyone loved it.

    Yesterday, I tried out Paula Deen’s recipe for shrimp salad sandwiches. I pulled out the remainder of a bag of cooked shrimp from my freezer, defrosted them, rinsed, dried them up. Chopped them as fine as I could, then added finely chopped celery, onion powder, black pepper, mayo, boiled egg. Mash it all up. I didn’t have crazy salt which Paula Deen used in her recipe, so I sprinkled a fair amount of Raging River rub and two small dashes of Jamaican Firewalk. It was delicious. Served it as Paula Deen suggested - white toasted bread slices, Romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

    She has another recipe using grilled asparagus in a sandwich. Think I’ll try that next using one of your rubs. Keep you posted.

    My husband, Larry, said I should let you know how everything turned out, since we have had so much luck with your products.

    Our next project is to get a nice beef brisket and barbecue that.

    Take care and we are having lots of fun with your products.

  • Don't change anything

    Got my order from you last Thursday. Had a 3 pack of ribs from Sams and decided to do a medley of three different rubs, one for each rack. Settled finally on Dizzy Dust, Swamp Venom, and Raging River. I normally do the 3/1.5/1 method but opted to let the ribs go on their own for 4+ hours at about 220 - 230 on a rib rack and just rotated and spritzed the ribs every 30 minutes. The ribs turned out to be the best ones yet. Your rubs are superior to anything I have purchased because they are not as salty as other rubs. Haven’t used the Shakin the Trees v1.3 yet but I will this weekend.
    Keep up the good work and don’t change ‘em. If anything how’s about a larger size bottle.

  • Best non-fried fish

    I posted my message on the forum but I personally wanted to thank you in case you didn’t read it. I got your rubs and the smell is heavenly. Also. Sat.nite grilled the Maple Salmon with Raging River and it was the best non-fried fish ever. The crust was perfection and tantalizing with flavor and zest. My 2 year old wiped it out and myself. Thanks A Lot! stay in touch and lets get your products down here in Nashville. These parts don’t know what they’re missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Family eating together

    Hey Chris,
    I just wanted to share some feedback with you. I ordered the sample pack and some dizzy dust to see what I liked best. Wow! I guess the kids wont get to
    go to the beach this year as I plan on ordering a lot of this stuff in the future.

    The Cow lick I tried on some thick steaks and my whole kitchen was moaning with delight as we all savored the flavor. Raging River the next night on some cat fish. We have all struggled to get fish into our diets, everyone had seconds and wanted to know why we didn’t make more. That has never happened on fish night before!

    Did a leg of lamb and my father put on his Greek style concoction but I still added some Dizzy Dust and holly Cow! My father always does the grilling for family events and he told me as in the King Foo movie I finally have snatched the pebble from his hand. The torch has been passed and I have the Dizzy Pig team and my BGE to thanks for it.

    I was hoping to be able to order some Raising the Steaks but I did not see it as a selection. I will be looking for that one soon as it is right up my alley.

    Take it easy and keep up the great work. My family and I are eating together very often and they are bringing friends.

    David E. Shaw, Jr.
  • Deviled eggs

    Well the first of three dozen eggs I bought Saturday for a buck are now history. While everybody has their own idea of what deviled eggs should taste like I have to crow about the ones I made as it married some products many of us know about. I started with the egg yolks plus real mayo, then added some Mrs Dog’s Disappearing Mustard, shook in DP’s Raging River rub, plus a bit of salt and cayenne pepper and whipped it up real well. The Raging River dissolves in a couple hours. I then filled the egg shells and topped them off with some of the Paprika I bought from Rhum & Jerk.

    Ron in Illinois
  • Kept coming back to this

    Hi Chris, Grilling has slowed down some this winter, but getting geared back up. Raging River is our favorite. I tried a lot of your others but keep coming back to this. It’s the best! Just had some Maple salmon on Friday with friends and they just couldn’t stop eating it.
    Have a great week!

  • Bill - North Carolina

    It was great to visit with you all on Friday evening at Rockingham.
    I tried your Raging River Rub Saturday morning when I made omelets at home. It was super.... I put about 1/2-3/4 tsp in the eggs and milk when I whipped them up. Them when they were cooking, I sprinkled a light coating on them... WOW.... thanks for the recommendation. I can’t wait to try the other three I kinds got.

    Bill - North Carolina
  • Jackson

    I cooked some salmon last night using the raging river for 3 of my friends.  I think you’re going to get 2 new customers today.  I passed along your website (upon their request).  They could not stop talking about how good it was.  I think the quote was, “I don’t even like salmon that much, but this is awesome.”

  • Stumps smoking & neighbors sniffing

    First of all congrads. on your Danville competition. Second, I smoked a pork loin, 4 chickens, and two boston butts today using your rubs. Everything turned out great and everyone loved results. I used your Raging River and the Dizzy Dust.  They said it was my best  cook yet. Just wanted to let you know about my great end products. I had the Stumps smoking and the neighbors sniffing.

  • Yeehaawww

    I cooked today with your seasonings (on the BGE of course); I cooked 2 pork tenderloins, and 2 chickens. I used the Dizzy Dust and the Raging River, and as we like to say in Texas - YEEEHAAWWW! MMMMmmm good! Thanks so much for the prompt service and wonderful products. Also, thanks for the free samples. Can’t wait to use them soon. Now I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas, a pack of all your seasonings!

  • Exceptional results

    Hello Chris. I hope all is well with you.
    I’m the big guy who has the Primo Oval who met you in Tryon. I went to the “store” in Tryon and purchased your Raging River Rub. Wow. I am extremely satisfied with this rub. I have used it liberally on beef and especially on some boneless pork backs. The results were exceptional and I can attribute the improvement to your rub. I will be purchasing all of your rubs in the future and keep experimenting with new ideas.
    Once again thank you for the use of quality ingredients and care that obviously makes your rubs heads above others I have used. I wish you continued success with your business and we hope to have the opportunity to visit with you again.

  • Perfect compliment

    Chris/Mike, Just a quick note to let you know about my first time cook with the BGE:
    Sunday was T-Rex ribeyes with Cow lick.
    Monday was chicken thighs with Dizzy Dust, and Spatchcocked chicken with Tsunami Spin.
    Tuesday was BB ribs (3) with Dizzy Dust, Raging River, and Swamp Venom.
    In each and every case, your rubs were the perfect complement to the meals. I will spread the word!

  • Love your stuff!

    Thanks for the quick shipment. I LOVE your stuff. DP are the ONLY rubs I ever use. Don’t even try to make my own - they couldn’t possibly be better.
    By the way, EVERY TIME I cook salmon, I use your maple glaze recipe.

  • DD

    Personally, I think the most fun is trying each of them on different foods. I hadn’t thought of Ragin’ River on potato salad . . . I believe I’ll give that a try this weekend!

  • Brings back good memories

    “We used your dizzy-pig gift for several things; I used Tsunami Spin and Raging River Rub for spicing a dressing in our salad, spiced pieces of roe-deer and pork with Dizzy Dust on the Oklahoma Joe, made a potato salad extra tasty with Ragin RR. And the Ragin RR is used several times for pork ordinary in our saucepan. Of course it is not the special quality we eat at your place, but it makes it easier to think for a while that we are back at your home.”

  • Pleased with salmon

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your note. Yesterday there was a very nice, fresh filet of Sockeye Salmon at Costco which I decided to do on the BGE. I used a fine grade of extra virgin olive oil to lightly cover it and a healthy coating of Raging River. It was cooked without turning for about 16 minutes (longer than normal) at about 375* to 400*F dome temp. I also used a handful of specialty seafood wood chips (Mesquite, Chardonnay, Alder). With this cook I really wanted to focus on the rub and light smoke rather than go for the delicate, almost sushi style fish. The result was excellent .... not too dry and with the delightful impact of Raging River. My wife always prefers the more delicate approach, yet was really pleased with this salmon. Raging River is also on my short list and we look forward to enjoying more of your excellent sampler rubs.

  • Raging River salmon

    Tried out your Maple Salmon recipe for the first time last night with the Raging River Rub and grilled over some Jack Daniel’s and apple wood chips. This was my first time cooking for my new gal and after reading the other rave reviews about this recipe, I knew this dish would impress. Did it ever! She couldn’t stop remarking about how good it was and how she “never eats this much”. It went perfectly with some long grain & wild rice. And I don’t know if Raging River qualifies as an aphrodisiac, but she was extremely appreciative later.
    Thanks to Dizzy Pig and the Egg for making me look like a culinary genius.
    Cheers and Beers!

  • Ginger lime kabob took the prize

    I made the ginger lime kabob with your Tsunami Spin and they were incredible! I happened to have some Jasmine rice on hand as well. We love the Maple Salmon recipe, but this took the prize. Now I know I’ll kick ass next time I cook for guests.

  • Best salmon ever

    Here in the Northwest (Seattle) we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of fresh salmon. This time of year we're able to buy the coveted "Copper River" salmon that's flown in daily from Alaska. I cook on a Grill Dome ceramic cooker which imparts a mild smoky flavor and keeps the fish very moist. I've resisted putting anything more than a little lemon on the fish because the flavor is superb by itself. I received the sample pack and was hesitant to try anything new. I threw caution to the wind and tried your Raging River Rub on a filet of fresh Copper River Salmon. Everyone at the table proclaimed that it was the best salmon they had ever eaten. That's quite a complement when you consider that we've all been eating fresh salmon for over 40 years. Your customer service is second to none. I have only one complaint; no where on your site is there a warning that "THESE RUBS MAY BE ADDICTIVE - PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK!" I'm now forced to viist the Dizzy Pig site often so I can get my "fix". I'll close now so I can get back to my shopping cart.
    Thanks for a superb product and for understanding what good customer service is all about.

    Don Marvin