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Testimonials on our Pineapple Head Seasonings
  • Couldn't have been happier

    Hey Joellen, I hope y'all had a great time at the Dizzy Fest. I'm writing to let you know that "Happy Nancy" was fantastic on the spatch-cocked turkey breast we did this weekend...couldn't have been happier.

    Also, I was inspired by your pineapple head pumpkin cupcakes...one of my favorite things in the fall is mixing a little pumpkin with brown sugar to my oatmeal...I added a little pineapple head to that, it was outstanding.

    Stan Bellotti
  • Pineapple Head Deer Jerky !!!!

    Had decided to make a new twist to my jerky this year i wanted to try something crazy !!! well i got out my seasoning and pineapple head fell out out of the shelf ... So i thought why not so i added about 1/2 a bottle of the seasoning to 2lbs of ground deer with some other seasoning . AND all i got to say is WOW everyone loves it it has a very great lasting pineapple taste ! good job now i just got to order more lol thanks for putting out a great product .

    Christine D
  • Sweet potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes? I nuke mine first, cut them open lengthwise, spray with EVOO, and sprinkle (for the wife, for mine I coat it heavy) with DP Pineapple Head. Place face down on grill for a few minutes, enjoy....

    Chris, Whitman, MA
  • Fun to experiment

    Congratulations on your success! We wish you guys the absolute best. We just received orders to Alaska, but we will still be ordering our rubs from you. Just wanted to let you know - we used the Pineapple Rub on our pumpkins seeds this year then we baked them... they were so good! So maybe you can tell others about that. It's so fun to experiment with your rubs to see what they can go with.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

    Trey and Stephanie deJong Andrews AFB, MD
  • Love them all

    Just wanted to thank you for the Dizzy Pig pin that you included with my order. I love it! We absolutely love your products! Our favourites are Red Eye Express and Raging River... actually we love all of them, but we use these two the most! Put them on everything. After trying a bottle of Pineapple Head it also has become one of our favourites... love it on new potatoes.

  • Pineapple Head on chicken

    Hi Chris!
    Thought you may get a kick out of this... Pineapple Head strikes again. First Place Chicken at Shrewsbury! Thanks for a great product! See you out on the bbq trail

  • Sweet n sassy

    Subject: pineapple head
    I like it. Sweet n sassy. Kinda reminds me of a red hot with the finish. I'm thinking the kids might even like it on applesauce and oatmeal.
    Gotta try it on the grill real soon!

  • Best cordon bleu

    I cut pockets in some chix breasts. Stuffed with ham and cheese. In the flour, of the breading process, I added pineapple head. Also in the breading itself. Wow! What a great flavor! The best cordon bleu I've made!

  • One word... yummy!

    Just tried the Pineapple head rub sample you sent with my most recent shipment. One word......Yummy!....Could have another hit on your hands with
    this rub.

    I lightly sprinkled it (and could've gone heavier) on pork chops. What flavor. My wife really likes it as it doesn't have the "spicyness" of traditional rubs. I grilled the chops on my egg with couple of chunks of apple wood and the taste was extraordinary.

    I'm sure it will work well with other pork cuts and chicken. I'm already planning to use it on my next batch of chicken wings. Can't wait to taste the results.

  • Getting the word out

    I got my Dizzy Pig "Pineapple Head". Thanks so much Dizzy Pig and Chris for getting my order out to me so quickly. I'll be in Ocala next Friday for the first Eggfest of 2009. I'm going to be making some grilled pineapple so everyone can get a taste of this outstanding rub Dizzy Pig has come up with. It is so versatile, you can use it on litterally anything. Obviously it's great on fruit. I've srpinkled it on a grapefruit half and put it under the broiler for a few mins.,...delicious! I know this an unusual one but last night my granddaughter and I were watching a movie and having some popcorn and I sprinkled a little on the popcorn and we both LOVED it! It tasted similar to the Kettle Corn you can buy at the Fair. Chris gave me the idea of trying it with sweet potatoes. I made a basic sweet potato, with a little butter and a sprinkle of "Pineapple Head", and just loved it. A few weeks ago the winner at the Iron Egg Chef contest in Lake Havasu used "Pineapple Head on a burger they made.(who would've thought that one)
    I guess there's not a whole lot that it doesn't go with. Dizzy Pig hasn't officially released this product but I'm going to be bringing it to Ocala. If anyone is interested in some please let me know and I'll put some aside for you.
    FYI- I'm not working for Dizzy Pig. Chris is a good friend and I'm just trying to get the word out about this great new product.

  • Pineapple Head on seafood

    Hi Chris, Gail and everyone at DP! Received my Pineapple Head last week and used on skewers of fresh sea scallops and shrimp both wrapped in bacon and onions, peppers and pineapple. Grilled then finished with a peach BBQ sauce. WOW!!! Now on to a terriaki pork loin. Thanks

  • Pineapple Head popcorn

    Pineapple Head on popcorn. If you haven't tried this, you need to. Aww Lawd, it was good...

  • On Pineapple Head

    Yes, it is surprisingly good. I posted about eating it on pancakes about a week ago.


    In fact, I believe I could eat a stack of pancakes right now with it on them. Or maybe some French Toast in the toaster. Yea, that'll work for now.

    No wait, I've got some peaches I planned on putting in a cobbler one night. No, that's for the cobbler. (Don't mind me I'm thinking out loud) No wait, a bowl of cereal with some on it. Yea, that'll work. Or I could just wait 'til breakfast. Or I could eat some now and some for breakfast. Yea, that'll work. Or I could go light Shirley Small and heat up some smoked sausage with it on 'em. Yea, that'll work, but wait, it's already after 9:00 PM and getting close to my recharging time.

    I know what, I'll dream about it on something. Yea, and I can have just about anything I want it on.

    My life is getting stranger and stranger.

    [on Pineapple Head]
  • Pineapple Head ice cream

    I tried dizzy pineapple head in in a dish of vanilla ice ceam. I can't believe how good it is in ice cream.

  • Will eat sweet potatoes

    I've become a huge fan. Have tried it on grilled pineapple and also grilled sweet potato, but tonight was the BEST experience yet. Used it on baked sweet potato....very little butter, and nailed it with the PH....Wonderful and will eat sweet potatoes more often now. Thanks Nature Boy.

  • Veal and duck

    hey chris I mixed pineapple head, graded candied ginger, swamp venom, and oxac chocolate powder for a out of this world rub for veal and duck. I'll be reordering soon. thanks for a great product.!!!!!

  • Indispensable

    Dayum dude, that is so cool, I am so happy you could put these things on your site, I really hope they can inspire some people to try some new stuff, & the best part is its all so easy. Your rubs are so good they inspire all by themselves, hell, I wouldn't be eating nearly as well as I do without them, man this is just great. I'm serious, prior to eggdom & getting into your products, I was more of a traditionalist, single spices, sometimes used in combination, but always beginning as singles. I was never one to go for the all in one jar kind of thing, whether it be in spices or sauces or anything for that matter, subscribing more to my Italian background, simple & straighforward ingredients brought together in a simple fashion. Your stuff has really changed that for a lot of cooks I do now, I find these jars indispensible now, so for me, a now getting-old dog can learn new tricks

    I did realize when I read the one recipe for Italian Toast, I never added the "you have to dip it in beaten eggs like french toast" step, I just took it for granted that people would just figure that out, but you never know, I'd hate for someone to try it as-is on the site & just shake spice on dry bread... although, come to think of it, that wouldn't be half-ass bad hehehehehe, if you think its a good idea go ahead & slip a line in there at the appropriate spot that adds the step.

  • Beets with Pineapple Head

    I cooked some fresh beets last night on the BGE. (sorry no pics). I wrapped them in HDAF with a pat of butter and cooked them at 375 indirect. When they were done I peeled the skin and sliced them. I ate a few slices "nekkid". I also fixed a butter, balsamic honey glaze for some slices but the real treat was when Ginny (who doesn't like beets) put DP Pineapple Head on some slices...  OMG were they great...I definitely recommend fresh beets with butter & Pineapple Head...another use for a great product.

    Kim Youngblood (aka vidalia1) Lawrenceville, GA
  • Best shrimp ever

    Sorry no pic's - gone to quick....
    Shelled shrimp (except tail).
    Put in zip bag with DP Pineapple Head and added a little Ancho CHile Powder to set for about an hour.
    Just before putting on added a very little frash orange juice.
    Cooked on mini direct.
    Best shrimp ever.
    Put this over cheese grits, good dinner....
    Today doing Darens prime rib roast: 3 pounder...

    Mickey Salado, Texas
  • Sold on Pineapple Head

    Chris we just finished our last PHEAD it went perfect with Egged Squash and Apples.My wife is a diehard critic to every change I make in seasonings,after tonight she is sold on PH on that dish.Not to get your head too big,but Ph on the bacon-stuffed with Carne Asada,Black beans,Pepper jack and creme Cheeses is the bomb!! I made some for my guys at work and you will be getting some orders real soon.Thanks again for the great product.

  • Big kudos

    Giving you a big kudos for your Pineapple head rub,I won the peoples choice award at the Socal Eggfest on Saturday .I did Abt's seasoned with PH numerous people asking me what that unique flavor was that they were tasting? It really sets the bacon off,thanks again and keep the good flavors coming.

    Dale Fero
  • Something to your stuff

    My friend Joe Spinney and I participated in the SoCal Eggfest and Joe took second place, his claim to fame was the dizzy dust and the guy who won used the pineapple stuff. Joe only got beat by six votes! There must be something to your stuff.

    Paul Popplewell