Dizzy Pig Introduces Hand-numbered Limited Release Series

Departure Series Hits the Streets with Hand-numbered Limited Release Series.

Blazing new trails is nothing new for Dizzy Pig, but we’ve pulled out all stops with our new hand-numbered blends — now bottled and ready to go!

Being in the flavor business, we are intimately involved, not just with blending flavors, but with cooking creatively. We’re good at it, but we’ll never call ourselves “experts” because we notice new aspects of flavors every day. And like an artist or painter can blend an infinite number of color combinations, there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to blending flavors. We are always discovering new things.

Actually, Chris Capell is an artist. For 25 years, as a graphic designer, he created pretty stuff with nice colors. “For the past 13 years, I’ve just been using flavors as art instead of colors. Creating flavors with spices, herbs, and various plants is so much like what I did as a graphic artist.” Capell continues, “Sometimes, flavor combinations that you would not expect to work, actually end up being dramatic successes.”

Understanding these combinations, and having the skills to develop flavors that taste delicious both raw and cooked is what we do best at Dizzy Pig, and we decided to have some fun with new flavors! Without regard for cost or tradition, the Departure Series unleashes the creative beast in Dizzy Pig founder Chris Capell and the result is distinctive, euphoric and eccentric. Abandon all preconceptions of what a spice blend can be, and enjoy the results of our premium limited edition, hand-numbered series blends. Catch them while you can!


Bottles of IPA and Ghost seasoning

IPA Hop Seasoning

Dizzy Pig breaks into uncharted territory and has developed, perhaps, the first ever seasoning blend that dives into the flavorful world of Hops! Hops impart flavor characteristics to beer and ale including citrus, pine, fruit, herb and flower notes. Yet hops are usually overlooked for flavoring food. Chris worked with the nice folks at Bad Wolf Brewing in Manassas, VA to develop a blend of hops that best complimented this unique and delicious seasoning. So far we’ve found that it rocks on chicken, seafood and veggies, and as always, only time will tell how many other foods will benefit from a coating of the Departure Series IPA blend! Ready to order now!


Ghost Chile Seasoning

Our Swamp Venom and Jamaican Firewalk have gained many fans over the years as our kicked-up and spicy duo. But we’ve never had an offering for the diehard chileheads out there. We got ahold of some super fresh smoked Ghost chiles, and dang they are hot! Why not build a tasty blend around this flavorful chile with a wicked kick? After a few months in the test kitchen, we proudly unveil another entry to the Departure Series. We are simply calling it GHOST. Savory. Tasty. Hot!!! Ready to order now!

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