Spreading the Dizzy Love . . . One Post at a Time

We at Dizzy Pig HQ are always awed and amazed at the wonderfully creative and delicious sounding recipes that our customers and Dizzy fans have created using our line-up of seasonings!

We would love to share some of these awesome recipes and ideas with other cooks.

If you’d like to share something you’ve made using Dizzy Pig, simply email us your recipe, along with photos, techniques and ingredients. If we use your recipe, we’ll put it up on our website and will share it online with other Dizzy Pig fans.

Speaking of online fans, we would love to show off some of your great and inspiring cooking photos. Be sure to tag us, so we can share.

Please use these tags:
Facebook @Dizzy Pig seasonings
Twitter @dizzypigbbq
Instagram @dizzypigbbq

Remember to use # before any of our seasonings’ names.

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