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Testimonials on our Recipes
  • Your pulled pork recipe

    Dear Dizzy Pig,
    I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your sharing of your pulled pork recipe. I'm a rookie at pulled pork and your directions on how to prepare and cook it and the description of whats going on during the cooking process are the best I've found anywhere. It's awesome!

    Thank you again! I don't grill like this very often but I'll be back to buy some rubs for the next time I do.

    Charlie Spears
  • Impressed so far

    I tried the Dizzy Pig Wings recipe, the wings were great. I went light on the Cayenne pepper, because my wife wanted to try the wings. Next time I will make the wings hotter. I just had a sample of Tsunami Spin that might have made a different in the temperature too. I used your Cow Lick Steak Rub on my Steak, Good Stuff. I’m looking forward to Brisket of a Boston butt. Just wanted to let you know I have been impressed so far. I wish I had ordered a bottle of the TSUNAMI SPIN when I ordered the other rubs, it is very good. I will be placing an order soon for a bottle. I will be doing more wings.

  • Pork loin recipe

    hello chris,
    hope all is well with you ! bet your busy getting ready for all this summers comps.just wanted to say thanks for the pork loin recipe.i did it just like your recipe section says and MAN- OH- MAN was that the best ever !!!!! and i also learned that i was overcooking the meat before.still learning new things to get better all the time.keep up the great work you do making the best rubs in the world!!!!!!!!!! and all the free recipes you have to offer here.
    OH !!!! eat the bacon that is laid on top of the meat- GOOD EATING

    Tom (Ohio), aka smokey-bones
  • Almost Fried Wings won

    Made some Dizzy Pig Almost Fried Wings at a cook-off hosted by some old friends today. It was an open competition so I entered “ABT’s” and the Chicken. Both got the Judges attention but the Chicken won first place. Thanks Chris!
    P.S. Cooked all day on my small with the same load of lump. The guy next to me used 2 bags with a conventional BBQ!

  • Raging River salmon

    Tried out your Maple Salmon recipe for the first time last night with the Raging River Rub and grilled over some Jack Daniel’s and apple wood chips. This was my first time cooking for my new gal and after reading the other rave reviews about this recipe, I knew this dish would impress. Did it ever! She couldn’t stop remarking about how good it was and how she “never eats this much”. It went perfectly with some long grain & wild rice. And I don’t know if Raging River qualifies as an aphrodisiac, but she was extremely appreciative later.
    Thanks to Dizzy Pig and the Egg for making me look like a culinary genius.
    Cheers and Beers!

  • Ginger lime kabob took the prize

    I made the ginger lime kabob with your Tsunami Spin and they were incredible! I happened to have some Jasmine rice on hand as well. We love the Maple Salmon recipe, but this took the prize. Now I know I’ll kick ass next time I cook for guests.

  • Best ribs I ever had

    OOOH MY! I tried your pork rib recipe with the dizzy dust. I ran short on time with the charcoal grill. 2 Hours on the smoker with charcoal and hickory & mesquite chunks. Out of time, & Moved it to the propane grill for about 45 min. Was done to perfection. I cut my side pork rib slab in half. One half, (the smaller end), got the mustard and dizzy dust. The other no mustard but bbq sause for the last 30 min. The best ribs I have ever had. We liked the ones without sauce more. Thanks for posting recipes. I also used your butt recipe, modified it, and have had great results. I don't care for apple cider vinager and choose white. Works well. At a recent family cook off I won 1st place with the butt. I beat Carlos Scoggins. He grilled a whole pig. It was good too. Thanks.

    Randy V