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Testimonials on our Cow Lick Seasonings
  • Brisket and ribs classes tops!

    After both the ribs class this spring and the brisket class last weekend, I went home to my own large Green Egg and did what Chris taught me to do. Success: the 17.5 lb packer and 11lb flat briskets and the six racks of St. Louis ribs I did for a fundraiser at my home Sunday came out nice and were big hits (every scrap eaten)! I used Cow Lick on the beef; also the store's 14" cast iron pan is perfect for paella!

    Jeffrey Phillips
  • Putting it on everything

    Recently bought Swamp Venom and Cow lick. Both are good. Swamp Venom is really good. Starting to put that stuff on everything (pork, chicken, cowboy beans, etc.) Made a really good batch of Chili with the cow lick too.
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Many flavor profiles

    The sampler pack is a great idea. I am a huge fan of raising the steaks, cow lick, raging river,and red eye. What I like most about the DP rubs is they offer so many flavor profiles which stray from the middle of the road rub. Great products by a great friend of the BGE community.
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Must always have

    If I was limited to only say 4 choices they would be:
    Cow Lick
    Raging River
    Dizzy Dust - Coarse grind
    Swamp Venom

    Don't get me wrong I also keep 7 other DP rubs on hand, but the four listed above are my favorites. If it really boiled down to only two then Raging River and Cow lick would be my MUST ALWAYS HAVE!
    [in response to request for rub recommendation on eggheadforum]

  • Pleased with products

    Just wanted to give you a short follow-up note. I cooked up some steaks again, but this time I rubbed the Cow Lick into the meat and appied a lot more than on my previous go around like you suggested. The steaks were delicious and much more flavorful than before. I still think I prefer a slightly saltier taste, and next time I'll add some kosher salt in addition to the rub, but I am very pleased with your products. Actually, I use them all the time. I see a bulk order in the near future!

  • Competed in Hancock

    Myself and one of my teeagers from our youth group competed in the Hancock county Fair BBQ contest this past weekend. Chad cooked a Jamaican Firewalk chicken and I did a T Rex T-Bone steak. I am here to tell you that the egg and the Dizzy Pig made the difference!!!
    We only had 90 min to cook from the time we lit the charcoal (no prob there since I used my propane tank and torch). Man, the heads turned when I lit those bad boys!! So it was not so traditional of a BBQ comp but it was short and fun.

    Chad spatchcocked the chicken and added some Jamaican Firewalk rub and then threw it on the grill with a raised grid. I waited a while and when the time was right and the tem was at nuke temps I started my T-Bone with a little Cow Lick Rub and the normal T Rex method.

    We got our picture taken and a nice young gal from the local paper interviewed us to see what the BGE was all about.

    In the end it was a fun time....oh Chad got $50 for third place and I received $100 for first place!!!!

    Thanks for all the info and knowledge over the past 6 years!!

    Burnt Offering BBQ
  • Christened new egg

    Just a note to let you know I've tested my new (Medium) Florida egg; not to be confused with my old (Large) Maryland egg. Using the rubs you dispatched to me I have christened the new egg: Spatchcocked chicken using Cowlick, and a couple half racks of ribs with Dizzy Dust. Both turned out outstanding, and my neighbors are raving. I really appreciate your personalized service to me, and wish you and your staff a great Christmas and a very busy 2009.

  • Try a mixture

    Try a mixture of Cow Lick and Jamaican Firewalk on your steaks! Gives it a great crust and just the right amount of heat.

  • Cow Lick shout out

    Shout out for Cow Lick. I will not grill a steak without it !

  • Cow Lick brought it home

    Chris, I wanted to drop you line and let you know how much I appreciated the time that you spent with me talking about Briskets at the BGE HQ last Thursday. We took 4th place at the Cherokee Pignic. It's the first time we have ever placed with our Brisket. We have only competed in 3 KCBS competitions, one the ribs in our first, got a call in pork in the second, and took 4th with our brisket in this one.
    The Cow Lick brought it home. Thanks again

  • Quality product

    Thanks for the quality product!
    Cow Lick was one of the ingredients that yielded a 5th place in Cook's Choice at the Jack! Thanks Chris!

    George Mullins
  • Family eating together

    Hey Chris,
    I just wanted to share some feedback with you. I ordered the sample pack and some dizzy dust to see what I liked best. Wow! I guess the kids wont get to
    go to the beach this year as I plan on ordering a lot of this stuff in the future.

    The Cow lick I tried on some thick steaks and my whole kitchen was moaning with delight as we all savored the flavor. Raging River the next night on some cat fish. We have all struggled to get fish into our diets, everyone had seconds and wanted to know why we didn’t make more. That has never happened on fish night before!

    Did a leg of lamb and my father put on his Greek style concoction but I still added some Dizzy Dust and holly Cow! My father always does the grilling for family events and he told me as in the King Foo movie I finally have snatched the pebble from his hand. The torch has been passed and I have the Dizzy Pig team and my BGE to thanks for it.

    I was hoping to be able to order some Raising the Steaks but I did not see it as a selection. I will be looking for that one soon as it is right up my alley.

    Take it easy and keep up the great work. My family and I are eating together very often and they are bringing friends.

    David E. Shaw, Jr.
  • Impressed so far

    I tried the Dizzy Pig Wings recipe, the wings were great. I went light on the Cayenne pepper, because my wife wanted to try the wings. Next time I will make the wings hotter. I just had a sample of Tsunami Spin that might have made a different in the temperature too. I used your Cow Lick Steak Rub on my Steak, Good Stuff. I’m looking forward to Brisket of a Boston butt. Just wanted to let you know I have been impressed so far. I wish I had ordered a bottle of the TSUNAMI SPIN when I ordered the other rubs, it is very good. I will be placing an order soon for a bottle. I will be doing more wings.

  • Best steak

    Chris, Thank you so much for the Cow Lick rub you gave us at the festival in the park at Danville. We left there and stopped at Harris Teeter and got two thick ribeyes. I can honestly say it was the best steak I have ever had!!!!!!!!

  • Competed in Marshalltown

    Dude I competed in Marshalltown Iowa last weekend 4th place overall 3rd in chicken...Dizzy Dust 4th in ribs......Swamp Venom (my favorite) 12th in brisket..Cow Lick 38th in pork..I screwed it up Thanks Dizzy Pig guys.

  • Perfect compliment

    Chris/Mike, Just a quick note to let you know about my first time cook with the BGE:
    Sunday was T-Rex ribeyes with Cow lick.
    Monday was chicken thighs with Dizzy Dust, and Spatchcocked chicken with Tsunami Spin.
    Tuesday was BB ribs (3) with Dizzy Dust, Raging River, and Swamp Venom.
    In each and every case, your rubs were the perfect complement to the meals. I will spread the word!

  • Best meatloaf

    Andy, Last night I made a Tex-Mex Meatloaf on my BGE and used some of the sample of Cow Lick that you sent to me, so I had to place an order for it 🙂
    The meatloaf was the best I have ever eaten...
    thanks for the Great Service and for the Wonderful Rubs...!

  • Very impressed

    I wanted to let you know that I got my order on friday. I did burgers with Cow Lick on friday and ribs with Dizzy Dust yesterday. Thus far, I am very impressed. I’ve been using the “_______” brand rubs on my ribs for at least a year or so and thought they were adequate. Well, your rubs are so much better that it is shocking I settled for something so inferior for so long. Keep up the good work and I will of course keep using your products and trying all the other rubs I got in my order. Great job!

  • Probably best steak

    Chris, Well, long story short, I inherited all your rubs from someone. I’ve always been wanting to try the Cow Lick for steaks and I had a chance to last weekend. I’ve been looking high and low on a nice steak rub that didn’t cover up the good flavor of the meat, but to complement it real well. This Cow Lick is exactly what I was looking for !!.. probably the best steak I’ve ever ate, and I’ve ate at some of the best Steak houses across the country !!.. way to go !! J… so, safe to say, I’ll be ordering more of it. Thanks!!

    Chad “Podge” Moonswiners
  • Cow Lick jerky

    chris, just wanted to let you know i found a great new use for your cowlick steak rub. i sliced up some top round for jerky and then mixed equal parts kosher salt and cowlick and coated both sides of the beef. let it sit for 4-8 hours and dry as usual. very very good jerky. probably the best i've made. and since it is a dry rub versus a marinade it dries so much quicker!!