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BBQ Salmon Slider

Burgers, Crossroads, Fish & Seafood, Raging River, Salmon

BBQ Salmon Sliders

By Matt Price, Mr. Make It Happen Read More

Spicy Salmon and Shakin' the Tree Sushi Bowl

Fish & Seafood, Gluten-Free, Main Dish, Rice, Salmon, Shakin' the Tree

Spicy Salmon and Shakin’ the Tree Sushi Bowl

By Sydney Rosen Read More

Bayou-ish salmon cakes

Bayou-ish, Breakfast & Brunch, Fish & Seafood, Main Dish, Salmon

Bayou-ish Salmon Cakes

By Frank Cawley Read More

Mediterranean-ish salmon antipasto

Breakfast & Brunch, Fish & Seafood, Gatherings, Gluten-Free, Main Dish, Mediterranean-ish, Paleo, Salads, Salmon

Mediterranean-ish Salmon Antipasto Salad

By Susan Handy Read More

Raging River maple butter crusted salmon

Fish & Seafood, Gluten-Free, Main Dish, Raging River, Salmon, Valentine's Day

Raging River Maple Butter Crusted Grilled Salmon

By Chris Capell Read More

Grilled Salmon and maple cream shells

Breakfast & Brunch, Fish & Seafood, Main Dish, Pasta, Pasta, Raging River, Salmon

Grilled Salmon and Maple Cream Pasta Shells

By Zippylip Read More