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Grilled Fish Tacos with Fajita-ish Seasoning

By Dwayne Wenger

These grilled fish tacos are simple to make. Just grill up some fish, toast some corn tortillas, and top your favorite slaw.


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  • White fish fillets, such as Swai
  • Dizzy Pig Fajita-ish seasoning
  • Citrus of choice (we used limes)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Your favorite cabbage based slaw mix (with gluten-free dressing to keep recipe gluten-free)


  1. Setup grill for raised direct heat, around 375°F.
  2. Brush fish lightly with EVOO, and coat fish with Dizzy Pig Fajita-ish.
  3. Slice limes into slices and place them on cooking grid. Lay fish fillets on lime slices.
  4. Cook until fish is about 145°F internal temp and begins to flake with a fork. Remove from grill.
  5. Toast corn tortillas lightly on each side. You can do this on the grill or in a pan on the stove.
  6. Cut fish into appropriate size pieces for your tortillas and place on tortilla.
  7. Top with slaw mix. We serve with a side of mango salsa.
  8. Enjoy!