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Testimonials on our Game On! Seasonings
  • Perfection on bear

    I used it on a black bear shoulder. Slow and low like a pork butt. Perfection!

  • Brought lamb flavor forward

    We cut a rack of grass fed lamb into individual chops, seasoned one third with salt and pepper, one third with Red Eye Express (our usual choice) and one third with Game On, and grilled them to medium. As we expected, the predominant taste with the salt and pepper was lamb, and the predominant taste with the Red Eye Express was the rub. The chops seasoned with Game on were the surprise. We both felt that it brought the flavor of the lamb forward a lot. The chops tasted even more like lamb than those with just salt and pepper, and that was a good thing. You have a real winner here. We're looking forward to trying it on other meats.

  • Nice flavor on crust

    Since it's too early for wild game, I decided to try it on a Tri-tip for a twist on Santa Maria BBQ (not really BBQ) Rubbed the sample pack on 2 1/2 lbs and let rest for 4 hrs. Seared the meat on medium coals and oak wood and moved to indirect heat until center was 140 degrees.

    Meat had a nice flavor on the crust and slight flavor to meat. I think a 6-8 hr rub would get deeper flavors. Excellent meal with traditional Pinquito beans. Photo's available.

    Look forward to trying on Venison.

    John Handloser
  • Enhanced venison flavor

    When I first tasted it right out of the packet it had a bold and salty taste with a definite coffee flavor in the background. However, when I liberally sprinkled some on a couple of venison burgers and grilled them on the BGE, it was absolutely delicious.

    The Game-On mellowed from the grilling and imparted a very slightly spicy flavor with just a hint of coffee which really enhanced the flavor of the venison. The best way I can describe it is like when you have bacon and eggs for breakfast and take a sip of coffee with them. The coffee just makes them taste all that much better.

    Keep up the great work and hope to catch-up with you folk sooner, rather than later.

  • More powerful than a NASA rocket

    I don't do venison, but man I can't wait to try this on steak. I've been eating it straight from the bag and like I posted on Facebook, it's got flavor that is more powerful than a NASA rocket. (You have to see the cut scenes from "Best in Show" to understand, but trust me, that's powerful!) I think this could be a top seller easily!

    The Naked Whiz
  • Needs to be cooked

    I tried it raw and on a lamb steak. I think this rub needs to be cooked--raw seemed slightly, very slightly, bitter and it must be the coffee. On the lamb it was delicious. The bitterness was nowhere to be found, great salt balance, I put that in my notes actually-- the flavor was really good and GREAT browning/caramelization. There was more heat than I expected but I liked that.

    I think it would also be great on greens, especially bitter greens or a mix that includes something like arugula or dandelion greens. Also want to try it on slow roasted tomatoes with garlic. Pretty sure that would work well. These would be great sides with game if you want to try and promote it with a menu.

    Thank you for letting me try it.

    Mary Ann Francis
  • Perfect balance

    Like all the rest of Dizzy products I think a perfect balance of seasonings is in Game On! While I only used it on beef and pork I can see it being used perfectly on venison. Once this product is released I plan to use it in a venison/pork sausage. Keep up the great work.

    John Belvedere aka Retired RailRoader