As we continue to build our brand, and our following, it is an honor to receive attention from those that recognize our success. Another one of these new partners is Grillstock.

Grillstock the BBQ book

Grillstock the BBQ book

If you aren’t familiar with Grillstock, you probably aren’t from England! This BBQ festival, launched in 2010 by the Grillstock creative team of Jon Finch and Ben Merrington, is held each summer in the seaside town of Bristol. 2 years later, Jon and Ben, who are pioneers of the American barbecue scene in the UK, opened the first Grillstock Smokehouse which was such huge success there are now 4 locations that bring truly authentic BBQ to cities across the UK.! The Grillstock Festival bills itself as the festival for “Meat, Music and Mayhem”, and it features top bands and pit-masters from the world over. As if the festival and smokehouses don’t keep them busy enough, they somehow find time for other projects that fit in with their goals!

Their first cookbook, Grillstock: The BBQ Book is stacked with more than 100 recipes – including Grillstock secrets and unique recipes from some of the BBQ competition teams and rock stars that have cooked and played at their annual festivals. So when they called Chris wanting to feature a Dizzy Pig Competition Team recipe for their upcoming cookbook, he happily obliged with his Competition-style Beef Brisket recipe.

This book is gorgeously designed, loaded with fun photographs, and is chock full of great info to up your game on the grill or smoker. We’re honored to be part of it, and can’t wait to visit Grillstock ourselves!

This is a must have for any serious cook’s bookshelf, and can be purchased here in the USA. Visit their website for more info!