Below you’ll find a nice little compendium of our favorite recipes from the Dizzy Pig’s own cookbook as well as those shared by friends.

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Dizzy Pig SugarBush bacon

Pork, Raging River, Breakfast & Brunch, Main Dish, Side Dish, Gluten-Free, Bacon

Dizzy Pig SugarBush Bacon (Buckboard Bacon)

By Reg Pelletier, dizzification by Mike Kerslake Read More

Dizzy Pig Red Eye coffee-molasses duck bacon

Duck, Red Eye Express, Breakfast & Brunch, Main Dish, Gluten-Free, Bacon

Dizzy Pig Red Eye Coffee-Molasses Duck Bacon

By Jules Mailloux, Dizzification by Mike Kerslake Read More

Home cured ham

Pork, Cow Lick, Jamaican Firewalk, Pineapple Head, Raging River, Shakin' the Tree, Swamp Venom, Main Dish, Gluten-Free, Gatherings, Winter Holidays, Ham

Dizzy Pig Home Cured Ham (Homemade Ham)

By Qfan Read More

Dizzy Pig Belly Bacon

Pork, Cow Lick, Raging River, Side Dish, Gluten-Free, Bacon, Pork belly

Dizzy Pig Homemade Belly Bacon

By Qfan (Mike Kerslake) Read More

Dizzy Pig Cow LIck Canadian bacon

Pork, Cow Lick, Breakfast & Brunch, Snack, Gluten-Free, Bacon

Dizzy Pig Cow Lick Canadian Bacon Recipe

By Q'Fan (Mike Kerslake) Read More