Dizzy Pig Complete Sampler

Dizzy Pig Complete Sampler

Samples of all Original Blends flavors.


What is it?

Includes 15 sample bags of our Original Blend flavors, each with plenty enough for a taste test on whatever you want to cook!

Why should I get it?

Dizzy Pig seasonings are the favorites in kitchens (indoor and outdoor) around the world, why not give them a try in yours? This sample pack contains all 15 original Dizzy Pig flavors (with the exception of Dizzy Dust Coarse, Salt-Free Blends, or “Ish” Fusion Blends). It’s the perfect size for a taste test of your own! Compare the spicy, sweet heat of Jamaican Firewalk against the deep heat of Swamp Venom or try mixing Cow Lick and Raising the Steaks for the ultimate steak experiment! There are endless possibilities. Taste test away!