Dizzy Pig Original Sampler

Dizzy Pig Original Sampler

A world of barbecue discovery awaits with the Original Sampler


Looking to try Dizzy Pig’s unique flavors without the high steaks (get it)? We’re here for you with our Original Sampler, the all-in-one line of our Original Blend flavors. Packaged in generous sample bags to give you ample room for taste testing, you’ll quickly discover why Dizzy Pig has earned itself a devoted following of fans.

Our sample pack contains all 17 of our original flavors (with the exception of Dizzy Dust Coarse, Salt-Free Blends, or “Ish” Fusion Blends). Compare the sweet heat of Jamaican Firewalk against the deep heat of Swamp Venom. Mix Cow Lick and Raising the Steaks for the ultimate steak experiment. Taste test away!

Included in The Original Sampler are:
Original Blends
  • Dizzy Dust all-purpose seasoning
  • Spicy Dizzy Dust seasoning
  • Cow Lick spicy beef rub
  • Tsunami Spin poultry seafood seasoning
  • Raging River salmon rub
  • Jamaican Firewalk spicy jerk seasoning
  • Swamp Venom hot deep south seasoning
  • Red Eye Express coffee-infused seasoning
  • Raising the Steaks Canadian style seasoning
  • Shakin’ the Tree lemon pepper seasoning
  • Pineapple Head sweet tropical rub
  • Happy Nancy pepper-free chile-free seasoning
  • Game On! wild game seasoning
  • Crossroads authentic southern BBQ rub
  • IPA hop-infused seasoning
  • Wonder Bird poultry seasoning
  • Spicy Pineapple Head seasoning NEW