How Our Seasonings and Rubs Come to Be

Flavor is our business.

And profession. We take it personally and get intimately involved from blending spices to cooking creatively. Sure, folks call us good at it. But like any artist, we’ll never call ourselves experts. Because flavor is a craft.

Blending flavors comes with as many possibilities as stars in the Milky Way. So we’re always searching, testing and tasting. Every day, we discover new facets and expressions of spices. That’s how we reveal, understand and develop new flavors that taste great both raw and cooked.

At Dizzy Pig, flavor is what we do best.

We are always discovering new things.

Understanding flavor combinations

and having the skills to develop flavors

that taste delicious, both raw and cooked,

is what we do best.

Flavor Above All

That’s our mantra. Flavor decides whether a meal gets thigh-slapping applause or quiet chewing. So we focus on flavor balance and consistency, sparing no effort to ensure the quality of our artisan blending process. From choosing ingredients to cooking in the test kitchen, Dizzy Pig aims to make every bite of every meal something to call home about.

“Spices are like music. Some people are okay with listening to whatever is on the radio, and they have no idea who the artist is. Then there are people like me. When I hear something that I like, I know the artist, the year it was produced, and normally a lil’ backstory.”

– Chris Capell, the man and palate behind Dizzy Pig

Kick Mass-produced Seasonings in the Tail

  • We work with fresh, whole spices and natural ingredients in limited quantities to fill our blends with the balanced, zingy flavor you and your guests want. We grind every Dizzy Pig Seasoning moments before bottling, capturing the goodness and flavor of each essential oil.
  • We are allergen friendly. Ninety percent of all allergic reactions come courtesy of the top eight food allergens. We grind, blend and bottle every rub and mix under one roof. One very fragrant roof. And promise, you’ll never find cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy or wheat near our spices.
  • We use only unprocessed, raw sugar. It’s pricey. But the naturally complex flavor endures higher cooking temperatures without the bitterness that comes from processed white and brown sugars.
  • We embrace the entire flavor spectrum, using exotic herbs and spices like pink and green peppercorns, ginger, fenugreek and star anise. It’s how we blend intriguing flavors and surprise you with eye-rolling delight.
  • Dizzy Pig is all-natural. We don’t like additives with words we can’t pronounce. So you’ll never find MSG, anti-caking agents or unmentionables in our seasonings.
  • Lower in salt.
    We’ve taken salt down a peg. Unlike most mass-produced seasonings, Dizzy Pig Seasonings generally contain less than 20% salt. Or go 100% no salt with salt-free versions of Dizzy Dust™ and Raging River™.

Top restaurant chefs and award-winning competition BBQ teams love Dizzy Pig Seasonings. They’re a persnickety bunch of cooks. So we couldn’t be more tickled to be found in their kitchens and on their tables.