Springtime Slow Cooker Recipes

If you want that ultra tender, flavorful taste, then you’ve just got to become a slow cooker convert.

But when most people think ‘slow cooker,’ they think fall and winter, hearty meals and cozy evenings by the fire. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use your slow cooker in the spring and summer, though! In fact, slow cooking allows you to make incredible meals without heating up the kitchen on hot days, and as always, packs a major dose of convenience. So we’ve gathered a few of our favorite springtime slow cooker recipes for you here. Try one, then try the rest—you won’t be disappointed.

Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas — Get yourself some pork shoulder, prepare it in the morning, and you’ll have a fantastic springtime meal waiting for you in the evening when you get home. Cooking along with onion, garlic, and jalapeño, the pork will be tender enough to easily pull apart and briefly fry in vegetable oil. It’s one that the whole family will enjoy.

Chipotle Beef Tacos — Everyone likes tacos. And it’s easy to make them light and flavorful for the spring. Add a light cabbage and radish slaw to these tacos for the perfect balance of tastes, and if you’re looking to spice it up a little, try our Fajita-ish blend to add some south-of-the-border flavor.

Moroccan Lamb — Here’s one that will mix things up in your weekly meal cycle. The slow cooked lamb is excellent, and combining it with apricots, olives, and carrots – and serving it over couscous – makes it the perfect springtime meal to surprise and delight your taste buds.

Georgia Pulled Pork BBQ — You knew it was coming. There really can’t be a complete list of great slow cooker recipes without at least one pulled pork recipe in it. While you’re busy waiting 10-12 hours for your pork to finish its slow, sweet cook, you can make the sauce that the recipe provides instructions for. And if you’re looking for a delicious addition to spice things up even more, then try out our Crossroads Southern Style BBQ seasoning.

Pot Roast — We know, we know. Pot roast? In springtime?! But trust us on this one. The gravy is key in this recipe and the slow cooking helps thin the gravy out and give it the perfect consistency. It’s simple, without any special ingredients, but somehow we know we’d take it over a meal at a fancy restaurant just about any day.

Lasagna — Yeah, you read that right. This spring-y, slow cooked spinach and ricotta lasagna recipe is enough to make even your Sicilian grandma nod her head in appreciation. A little Romaine on the side with a tasty vinaigrette, and you’re basically the equivalent of any Italian chef. Probably.

Peach Cobbler — Whether winter, summer, fall, or spring, you have to end with dessert, right? 3 to 3 ½ hours isn’t really that long to wait for a delicious springtime peach cobbler, and once you try it, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us.

It’s almost hard not to end up with a delicious meal when you use a slow cooker, so feel free to experiment, mix things up, and see what flavors and seasonings tickle your tongue the most this spring!

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