Meet the Team

At Dizzy Pig, flavor is our business. Helping people make better food is our mission, and doing this well takes a special team of people. We’re proud of our team of talented and helpful people that share a special passion for cooking and customers.

  • Chris Capell
    Chris Capell
    Owner, Palate
  • Chief Pig
    The Pig
    Chief Executive Pig
  • Rodrigo Izquierdo
    Rodrigo Izquierdo
    Operations Manager
  • Joellen Bulgrin
    Joellen Bulgrin
    Store Manager
  • Joanne Cawley
    Joanne Cawley
    Sales and PR
  • Max Rosen
    Max Rosen
    Saturday Store Manager
  • Sydney Rosen
    Sydney Rosen
    Event Manager, Customer Service
  • Production team
    Zack, Rodrigo, Gonzalo, Josh
    Production Team